Annotate PDF – 6 Best Tools

Portable Document Format or simply PDF is the file format for presenting documents in a way that is independent from any application software, or hardware. Every PDF file comprises of a full description as a fixed-layout flat document which includes; text, graphics, fonts and other necessary information that is required to display a file. When different documents, forms or web pages are converted to a PDF format, you will see that they look exactly like a printed file. The difference is that, PDF files can have clickable links, buttons, form fields, audio and videos. It can also help people to mechanize their daily business processes.

PDF files are very common and can be read through different applications but, a lot of those applications don’t have annotation tools. An annotation is a comment, explanation, or presentational markup that can be attached to any text or image or to any other data. Through the help of annotation tools, you can add notes, comments, signatures, corrections, highlighting words or can even draw something, use a stylus or paste some images on the file through a drawing tablet. You can save your annotation in the original file and share it with your friends or co-workers.

Best Tools to Annotate PDF

Today we are reviewing top 6 tools for PDF annotation. Here we go.

1. Crocodoc

Crocodoc - Annotate PDF Tool

Crocodoc is an online document viewer for your PDF, Word documents, and PowerPoint presentations. You can view and mark any of these documents online. You can share your documents with friends, co-workers and others and they can mutually highlight paragraphs or words, can comment on the files and make corrections. Crocodoc makes it a wonderful experience to read PDF files online through its high quality file format. All those PDF files that you upload on Crocodoc are well secured and can also be protected through passwords and encryptions for maximum protection. Crocodoc is an online document viewer and is compatible with every major web browser and operating system such as; Google Chrome (Mac/PC), Internet Explorer 6+, Firefox (Mac/PC/Linux) etc.

2. PDFOnlineReader

PDFOnlineReader -  Annotate PDF Tool

PDFOnlineReader not only just gives you a great PDF reading experience but you can also add several annotations in the text boxes form, highlight different sections from your PDF by simply selecting the text on which want the highlight to be, you can also include internal or external links in your PDF file. It is the best option for those who want to quickly annotate, share, save and download their PDF files. PDFOnlineReader also offers other PDF service like converting a PDF file to word document or converting a word document to a PDF file. You can upload your own files to read or to share with people or you can use the sample documents on the website.

3. PDFescape

PDFescape -  Annotate PDF Tool

PDFescape is free and provides services such as; reader, form filler, form designer and editor. It’s a unique approach to open and read PDF files or even edit them online. There is no software requirement needed to read your files online. It is completely free and only requires that you have a good internet browser and a running internet connection. It works with all the major internet browsers including; Internet explorer 6+, Google Chrome, Safari 2+, Opera 9.5+ etc. Besides editing and annotation of PDF files, you can also generate PDF forms, add comments, paste images, notes and highlight what you like to share with your partners. You can protect your files on the website through password in order to have maximum protection for the files that you have uploaded.

4. Foxit Reader

Foxit  -  Annotate PDF Tool

Foxit Reader is for consumers, organizations, government agencies, educational institutes and in short for everyone. It is lighting fast and offers you a PDF viewer that allows you to create, view edit, sign and even print a PDF file. The Foxit Reader is designed through the PDF rendering engine that is confirmed to be the fastest engine in this industry which is why it gives you the most exciting experience of printing and viewing the PDF files. The reader is available in eight different languages including Russian, Spanish and Portuguese. It works with Microsoft XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

5. GroupDocs

GroupDocs -  Annotate PDF Tool

GroupDocs Annotation is an online PDF viewer on which you can add notes to your PDF files, Word document files and image files as well directly through your internet browser. There is no software required to access it and is completely a web-based tool allowing you to view and edit your PDF files and share it with your friends and colleagues that can mutually annotate those documents online. You can also add comments, images and notes to your documents and send them to others for reviewing and making changes in the PDF file thus getting a quick feedback from everyone. GroupDocs is compatible with all the major internet browsers.

6. A.nnotateA.nnotate -  Annotate PDF Tool

A.nnotate is the source for editing PDF, Word and other document formats online. You can annotate, collaborate, comment, and draw etc. in your documents and images. You don’t have to email different versions of your files for review and wait for the document to return back to you, just share the document with one another and everyone can edit it and comment it online. It requires no software to run or access and can be easily accessed through all major web browsers. The documents are of high quality and fonts while the layout for files is exactly as a printed version. You can sign up for a free account and start your journey with A.nnotate or you can try out on a sample document.