Major Differences Between Art and Design

A project is always created through a design. Once the idea is generated, the design is carefully analyzed and executed while art is something that we come through every day in our lives. While designing a beautiful site it is the art that connects with an interactive user interface to produce a stunning web design. However, still many people are looking for the answers to their questions regarding the difference between art and design. In today’s post we will try to sought out these questions and discuss about what’s the difference between art and design but, first let’s make their definitions clear so that we have a fine knowledge about their actual meanings before moving forward to the big discussion.

What is Art?

Art is something that expresses the human creativity through skills and imagination. Art is usually in visual form such as the paintings or statues. Special emotions are attached with art and it has the power to make its viewers think about the creativity when they see it. Art can have different meanings to everyone due to their singular experiences and emotions. Art is something that a person is born with, however you can learn different skills to make it better. Art work is created by various artists who display or sell their art work at different galleries. This is usually an individual’s sport which has a true meaning but is very rarely useable.

Different between Art and Design

What is Design?

Many people get confuse that design is in fact a form of art but, these two are totally different things. Design is known as the work process which is done according to the user’s perspective and makes development according to the needs of the customers. Design must be properly studied before implementing. It is used to give the information required to the user. It is one of the best tools for marketers to convey their message to their audience. A good design is always useful for the end-user whether it’s about designing a product or a website. However, designing is not like the art and can be mastered by anyone.

Design vs Art

The Difference Between Art and Design

This is a very complicated topic which always remains in the debates. Both designers and artists create stunning visual masterpieces through proper knowledge but there purposes for doing it are totally different. You might have heard some designers saying themselves artist while some artist saying themselves designers. So how exactly do we differentiate between art and design? Let’s observe and evaluate the core ideology of these two in detail.

Art is Encouraging. Design is Stimulating

The basic difference between the art and design is their core concepts which they are build on. When the artist starts the process of art, he/she has nothing but a simple piece of blank paper after which, the feeling that the artist carries within him/her is carried out on the paper. Their creation is all about their feelings that they share with other people. It is their art work that makes the viewer to speak about it and get inspired from it. The most successful artists are those that create an emotional bond between their work and the audience.

When the designers start the process of creating something new, they always have a fixed guideline to follow whether in the form of message, images, ideas or actions. Their main focus is not towards discovering something new, but working on something that already exists in order to give a better communication between user and their work. Their purpose is to encourage the audience to take some action in the form of buying the product or service, learning any information, and going to any location etc. Those designers that communicate their message effectively with the audience and make to perform a certain task are considered the most flourishing designers.

Good Art Speaks. Good Design is Implicit

One of the biggest differences between art and design is their interpretations by their particular audiences. An artist conveys the emotion through his/her work and communicates with the audience in different ways due to individual interpretation. When the artist makes a master piece to make some money or for any other purpose, the work speaks for itself making the viewers to go beyond their imaginations to find out what the artist is trying to say to them.

However, design is totally different from it. The purpose of design is to convey the message in such a way that the audience is motivated to make a response towards the message. If you design is not able to convey the actual message that you wanted it to do rather makes the audience to something other than what you intended than it is considered a failure. While if the design is good, it will automatically be understood by the audience.

Art is a Gift. Design is Ability

A true artist is said to born with the particular gift. They start to draw, paint, and sculpt from a young age and develop their skills with the passage of time. True artists has a natural born talent which is improved by learning different skills but, if any artist has skills and not the talent it is then said to be worthless. Because, anyone cannot just put the feelings in their art work unless they have a certain gift of doing it.

Design on the other hand is a proper skill that can be taught and learned by anyone. It is not necessary that a great designer is always gifted. You can also be a successful designer by achieving the objectives of your designs. Designers that are very famous use minimalism in their designs by using their learned skills. The art of designing is not using colors and textures, but paying attention to interface, fonts, negative spacing and positioning. These all things can be mastered and there is no need of in-born talent for it.

Art is Different For Everyone. Design is Same For Everyone

This is an important point that you should remember as a designer or an artist. A designer cannot say himself an artist just because he/she has created a visual masterpiece that can convey the message accurately. A design is not an art no matter how attractive and stylish it is. It always remains a form of interaction between the designer and its audience. Art is different for everyone because, everyone has its own likes and dislikes about how they feel about any particular artwork that they see around.

On the other hand, artists that think of them as designers just because their work is understood by the audience are wrong. The purpose of art work is not to communicate with the audience so that they respond in the form of buying any product or service. They make their art work to show their feeling in the form of paintings and drawings. They expect their work to be appreciated by the audience. Deciding which design is good and which is bad is according to one’s opinion which also relates to the like and dislike. But the advantage to design is that whether it’s good or bad it has to convey the message for which it is created. If it performs the duty perfectly, it is considered a good design.

Art Creates a Problem. Design Solves It

Art has a very long history of creating problems for its makers. There will always be someone who finds a problem in the art and starts to do negative things. Traditional art is destroyed by the new age artists. Paintings have always been a problem creator and found to be offending someone. Some artists also get murdered due to their illegal art work.

Design, on the other hand is about evaluating a particular situation, or a problem and finding a solution for it. Design plays a key role in making things simple for us and saving a lot of time. It is only meant for the end-user with the purpose of selling or motivating any product or service.

In the end

Some people might think that art and design are related to each other but, after discussing it we have come to a conclusion that these two are totally different. Artists are unpredictable while designers follow some rules and guidelines. However, we can say that there is also something similar between art and design such as the visual design that is done through artistic values. These reasons make people think that these two are related to each other. When a designer makes a sketch of the website on the paper, it might look like art. But, now we know that an artist is the one that shows his/her feelings through the art work and design on the other hand is all about promoting or selling any product or service or solving any problem. We hope you find this post useful and interesting. If you also want to share some differences between Design and Art, you can simply write them in the comment section below.