10+ Popular Concrete5 Plugins

Concrete5 is a PHP based content management system (CMS) used for editing and publishing the content online. It is an open source CMS and claims to offer more simplified controls than Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress etc.

It has been steadily developing overtime however, when it comes to Concrete5 plugins, there are limited options available if you compare it with other CMS. Therefore if you are looking to install Concrete5 for your next website, we have compiled a list of some popular plugins on the web that will help you a lot.

One unique feature that Concrete5 has is its effectiveness for the search engine optimization. Although Concrete5 has been recently released, there are plenty of plugins available on the internet. Moreover, the developers are working hard to create more for the users.

Having lots of plugins and themes have made it flexible in its customization options. With the help of Concrete5 plugin, you can do plenty of things such as easily display specific number of videos from Youtube playlist anywhere on Concrete5 blog or website with a responsive layout. These plugins will also help you in checking the weather forecast with location detection. There are plenty of other features included in the plugins that we are showcasing. Please Enjoy!

1. YouTube Channel Anywhere


2. Instagram Fancybox


3. Youtube Playlists Anywhere


4. Flickr


5. Weather Forecast


6. Plain Text


7. smoothCounter


8. rateThis


9. Showbiz Pro


10. NabTransact Redirect Gateway


11. Payza


12. RSS Partners



Concrete5 is a perfect content management system for those who don’t want to maintain their web blog only because of the interaction with codes and coding. All these plugins will be helpful in building a new and unique website for your next project.

I hope you found these plugins useful. If you like to share anything with us, leave a comment in the below section.