5 Best Free Screen Recording Softwares

Screen recording comes handy when you want to record a tutorial video to show someone how to use software, a program, walkthrough for different games, or for educational purpose. If you have faced a problem and you know how to fix it, you might want to tell others. You can do this by recording your screen and guiding the viewers to fix the problem as you did.

You can record your windows screen with plenty of tools available on the web. But, finding the tools that are without any certain restrictions or watermarks can be hard. So, to help you out, I have collected the best free screen recording software’s available on the web for you.

1. CamStudio


CamStudio has the ability to record all screen and audio activity on your computer and create industry standard AVI video files. It has built-in SWF producer that can turn those AVI files into bandwidth friendly streaming flash videos (SWFs). It allows you to include a webcam video of yourself while demonstrating anything.

CamStudio has the ability to produce high quality results of smaller size files better than many other codec’s available on the web. It is easy to use and includes a help file as well that will guide you to understand CamStudio in few minutes. It works on Windows only.

2. Jing


Jing is very exciting software that allows you to share images and short videos from your windows screen. You can use it for your work, or you can use it to for game walkthrough etc. You can also add images to your record videos and share them with a lighting fast speed. In order to capture images, simply select any part of your windows screen.

You can markup on those screenshots, add text to it, highlight it, or paste a picture on it. Once completed, you can share your screenshots on the web. It works with Windows and Mac OS X.

3. Webinaria


Webinaria is easy to use and open source software for creating screenshots. It records the screen as an AVI file and offers you options to create FLV and other format files from it. Webinaria provides you a better way for communicating a sales demo or any kind of business presentation with a video.

You can easily create presentations, training videos, and marketing demo. You can also record voice commentary for your videos. With some help from hotkeys, you can easily start, pause, or stop recordings. It works with Windows only.

4. Kurt


Kurt screenshot tool is written with Java and is perfect for making video tutorials to run on all major platforms. Kurt can record movie files, including the sound, of the selected parts of your screen. The files use Quicktime mov format.

In addition to the movie file, Kurt also records separate files for the audio (wav) and for the video (mov), which allows encoding to any movie format using an external encoding program. You can also move recording areas during recording. It works on all major OS.

5. Ezvid


Ezvid comes with built-in video editor where you can split your recordings and add text in between the two clips, creating a slideshow effect. You cannot export the video that you recorded but, you can upload the video to Youtube directly from Ezvid. Those, who are interested in games Ezvid has option to enable ‘Gamer mode’ where you record the windowed mode of your game.

Ezvid comes with some music clips but, if you want no music in the background, you can replace it with a silent background. You can add other pictures and video clips, and you can also add in your voice after you are completed with editing the clip. It works with Windows only.


I hope you found these screen recording software’s useful. These tools make it possible for you to better describe a computer related product or service. Which tool are you using? Please tell us your experience in the below comment section.