Top 10 Free jQuery Progress Bars

jQuery is the collection for JavaScript that allows you to do the front end development of the elements like progress bar, drop down list. Progress bars have become very popular during the past few years. Today, majority of the websites are using the progress bars and loading animations to increase the performance and effectiveness of their website.

Progress bars are very important for the users because it gives them a proper signal about what is going on with their activity. Therefore in today’s post, we are sharing 10 jQuery progress bars that you can download for free and use them in your websites to attract the visitors.

With all these progress bars, you can make your web application and websites more stunning and attractive among the users. Also, they will help your website to stand out from the crowd. All the jQuery progress bars listed below will help you in enhancing the performance of your website or your web application. This is also the reason why progress bars are becoming very common and popular these days. Check out these awesome jQuery progress bars!

1.Percentage Loader

jquery-progress-bar (1)

This is a jQuery plug-in for displaying a progress widget in a more visually striking way than other horizontal progress bars. Using and installing is extremely easy and anyone can easily understand it. It uses the HTML5 canvas that gives rich graphical appearance.


jquery-progress-bar (2)


This is a jQuery progress bar for your websites. Include pace.js and a CSS theme of your choice in order to get a beautiful looking progress indicator for your page load and Ajax navigation. The progress is detected automatically and there is no need to do any coding for it.

3. Animated Goal

jquery-progress-bar (3)


This is a jQuery plug-in that allows you to create animated progress bars. Simply fill the required input and the plug-in will automatically calculate the progress of your goal and while animating the bar. You can also specify the text to put before and after the raised amount. The progress bar is completely free to download.


jquery-progress-bar (4)


This jQuery progress bar shows a loading status of something. This progress bar features trickle animations to convince the users that something is happening. The progress bar is preferred mostly for the resource heavy sites.

5.Angular Loading Bar

jquery-progress-bar (5)


This is an automatic loading bar that uses angular interceptors. The progress bar works automatically, so simply include it as dependency and it will automatically display the progress of your HTTP requests. Multiple requests within same time can be bundled together such that each response increments the progress bar with proper amount.


jquery-progress-bar (6)


This is very neat and clean jQuery progress bar. It has no images and no external CSS. The progress bar is highly customizable while the resolution is independent. It uses VML as fallback in old IEs. The progress bar works in all major browsers including the Internet Explorer 6.

7.The Facebook loading animation

jquery-progress-bar (7)


This is a loading animation from the Facebook that will look perfect on your site. It uses key frameworks for the animation. It uses the CSS3 animations so that visitors can get the best experience from it.

8.QueryLoader v2

jquery-progress-bar (8)


This is the newer of the QueryLoader. The main purpose is to preload the images on your websites by showing the overlay and a progress bar. All the images and backgrounds are automatically detected and preloaded before showing the webpage.

9.CSS3 Progress Bars

jquery-progress-bar (9)


This is a great looking progress bar that uses no images. They give the best experience to the visitor and also support all the major browsers. They look perfect on your website and can increase the productivity of it.

10.jQuery Progression

jquery-progress-bar (10)


This a very useful and user-friendly jQuery progress bar that gives users a real time hints and progress updates as they complete the forms for your website. They don’t take much space and look perfect on every web design.


I hope you found all of these to be useful for your website. Make sure to share them with others. These jQuery progress bars will help you in increasing the performance of your website as well as making it more effective for the visitors. Visitors can stay focused on your website when they see some activity going on in the progress bars. You can give a complete new look to your website and applications with all these progress bars.

Before leaving, please tell us which one did you like the most? Which one are you currently using in your websites and applications? Or if you want to add any other jQuery progress bar to the list, feel free to comment in the below section.