10 Best Jquery Countdown Timer Scripts

jQuery is a very fast JavaScript library that helps in simplifying the HTML5 document, event handling, animating, and Ajax interaction for making quick web development. Countdown features can easily been seen on the healthy and fitness related websites. But if you want to have similar countdown on your website, you should look below on these plugin. All of these plugin are best countdown timer scripts for your website. I hope you like them!

1. Responsive Countdown with Visual Builder


This is a javascript tool that uses the canvas object to animate SVG defined drawings. A flip animation is used to display the remaining time. Some of the features are:

  • Show hide groups
  • Setting label captions
  • Group spacing

This plugin is available for USD $5.

2. Count It Round



This is a standalone plugin that allows you to easily create a circular  clock for using in the website. Some of the features for this plugin include:

  • Resizable width and height
  • Custom colors and font-size
  • Supports multiple instances

The plugin is available for USD $4.

3. Countdown


This is a countdown widget for the web pages that display a remaining time as flip clock or as simple numbers. You can use its time for two different ways:

  • Specify a target date
  • Specify the total number of seconds for the remaining countdown.

This plugin is free to download from the website.

4. Dynamic Countdown


This is a customizable countdown timer and you can generate different colours for it. Simply upload the it on your website and get going with few minutes. Some of the features include:

  • Easy integration
  • Custom date setting
  • Change styles easily

The plugin is available for USD $4.

5. Colorful Clock


You can use this clock to generate different clock sizes. It is simple and easy to tune in; you can also upload your own design. Some of the features include:

  • Color change
  • Different clock size
  • Using images

The plugin is available for USD $10.

6. All-in-one Jquery Flip Timer


This is a very unique countdown plugin that comes with a flipping animation. Five timers are included in the package. Features include:

  • Nice flipping animation effect
  • Easy integration
  • Separate folders each type of clock

The plugin is available for USD $5.

7. Led Time Panel


This plugin can be used as the down for the count flip clock on your website. It is very easy to change the parameters of this led panel. Some of the features are:

  • 3 type of used elements
  • Color changing
  • Hours time format

The plugin is available for USD $4.

8. Gaur


This plugin has flip sound that becomes very interesting for everyone who sees it. It is easy to use and has many features such as:

  • Cross browser
  • Flip sound
  • Social networks

The plugin is available to use for USD $5.

9. Event Countdown


This plugin lets you countdown to any event with a photo image gallery that highlights the event. Some of the features include:

  • Unlimited images
  • XML driven
  • Well documented

The plugin is available to use for USD $5.

10. JavaScript Animated Counter


This plugin allows you to present rapidly increased values such as the numbers of the registered users, and total income etc. Some of the features include:

  • Counter fully customizable
  • 3 scroll directions
  • Easy coding and configuring

The plugin is available to use for USD $6.


I hope you found all the plugins to be useful for your requirements. Please share the post with others. If you like to share something with us, please comment below.