Top 10 LightBox WordPress Plugins

Lightbox is a clever tool that allows you to deliver layers of content on same page for making improvements in user experience and advertising. You can easily insert it in the WP website by using a LightBox WordPress plug-in. With the help of this plug-in you can easily present images, videos, and HTML content in such a way that draws the attention of visitors. It works similar to any other plug-in but, is designed to be installed in an easy way.

When a lightbox element such as the photo is clicked on a website, a window opens with a big version of that image. On the same time, all other elements on the website are faded out. This focuses the visitors and draws more attention towards that picture. Therefore, this article brings you Top 10 LightBox plug-in that are completely designed for the WordPress site. You will find both free and premium plug-ins through which you can choose the one best for you. I hope you enjoy all of them!

1. Lightbox Gallery Manager


This WordPress plug-in offers a very easy way for embedding unlimited lightbox galleries on your WP site. You can also organize the images in category order and include single or entire categories with easy shortcodes. Some of the features are:

  • Upload and manage unlimited galleries
  • Resize and crop thumbnails
  • Organize galleries into categories

This is a premium LightBox plug-in and will cost you USD $14.

2. Teaser Pop


This is a very useful plug-in for making your site Pop in a few minutes of time. You don’t need to have nay past experience with PHP or JavaScript. The plug-in is compatible with all the major browsers. Some of the features are:

  • Show an image with optional link or a SWF
  • Fully configurable
  • Easy to deploy

The plug-in is premium and will cost you USD $14.

3. WP jQuery Lightbox


The jQuery Lightbox plug-in allows you to keep the exact functionality as of lightbox 2, but discards the bulk of Prototyping Framework and Scriptaculous Effects Library.  The latest version is also adjusted for the mobile devices with features like:

  • Swipe gestures for flicking between images
  • Improved scaling
  • Optional download link to display images
  • Live adjustment to browser window

This plug-in is completely free to download and use in your WordPress sites.

4. Social Gallery


This plug-in is a fantastic way to engage the visitors in your blogs. You can add ultimate lightbox featuring the social media button to assist the comments and pins by the visitor on the blog. Some of the features are:

  • Facebook style image viewing
  • Super easy install
  • Fullscreen mode
  • Image library and social gallery pages

This is a premium plug-in and can be purchased in USD $25.

5. FancyBox


FancyBox plug-in allows you to easily customize almost everything that you can think of. You have to integrate the FancyBox in your blog, upload the plug-in and activate. Here are the things that you can customize:

  • Margin width and color
  • Zoom speed
  • Animation type
  • Close button position
  • Overlay color and opacity

The plug-in is completely free to download and can be used in your WordPress sites.

6. Thumbnail Gallery


This plug-in helps you to add thumbnail gallery in your WordPress website or blogs. The gallery is compatible with all the major browsers and devices. Here are some features for this plug-in:

  • Responsive layout
  • Customize each gallery individually
  • You can add HTML or Flash
  • Completely resizable

This plug-in is premium and will cost you USD $15.

7. PhotoMosaic


This plug-in adds an option in the WordPress that will set PhotoMosaic as your gallery’ theme. After which, your gallery will be transformed in a visual striking design. Some of the features for this plug-in are:

  • Easy configurable
  • Masonry layout
  • Fully responsible
  • Customizable columns and width

This is a premium plug-in and will cost you USD $15.

8. Pinterest Lightbox


This plug-in allows you to integrate pin button on each image automatically through the NextGEN gallery. The plug-in will automatically use the caption, image, URL to sync with the Pinterest API. The plug-in is free to download for your WordPress sites.

9. PhotoShow


This plug-in is designed for WordPress and jQuery and makes it easy to add elegant style to WordPress photo gallery through simple shortcodes. Features include:

  • Widget support
  • HTML image caption
  • Photo and thumbnail views

This is a premium plug-in and will cost you USD $8.

10. jQuery Lightbox


This is a free plug-in that you can download for your WordPress sites and blogs. jQuery lightbox plug-in is used for adding the LightBox effects to images on your sites. It will perfectly with the WordPress 2.2 or above versions.

I hope you found the article useful. Which of the above plug-ins are you using or want to use? Please share your thoughts in the below comment section.