7 Best Paypal Alternatives To use In 2014

Sometimes people are afraid to shop through online sources due to the risk of giving the credit card information, risk of mobile transactions or not getting the refund back in the unsatisfactory situations. There are different online international payment service that are trusted and gives you access to send and receive money easily or even make a request for money to the other party. One of which that you would have surely heard is PayPal. While making a purchase at Amazon or eBay, you would have used PayPal to complete the transaction for you.

Top Paypal Alternatives

PayPal is known to be the most popular online payment service and many big brands use it to make transaction with across the border customers. But, with the online payment market growing in rapid speed PayPal is going to face a lot of competition in coming days. PayPal due to immense pressure is losing out its popularity, with lot of rules and regulations becoming a barrier for many people to complete their transactions through PayPal also, it is facing some complaints such as the poor customer service and often freezing of account. If you are also facing some issues with PayPal or just want to switch to another service, here are few alternatives for PayPal that provide complete features and value added services.

1. Skrill

Skrill Paypal Alternatives

Skrill is one of the leading online payment companies in the world. It offers some interesting features such as; a free account setup, low fees, and the text message service from your account. It is a popular alternative for PayPal used by everyone and specially designers because they are usually working on different international projects and can use Skrill to transfer the money onto a prepaid debit card. You can send and receive money from 200 countries and in 40 currencies with proper security and low service charges; you can trust skrill to not reveal your personal details to anyone. It is a simple to use and has a one step process of payment clarifications. Whether you are a designer or a business man looking for a trust worthy site to make money transfers in a simple, faster and safe way skrill is the best online payment solution for you.

2. Payza

Payza Paypal Alternatives

Payza allows you to send and receive money from more than 190 countries and 21 currencies. It is a US and Canada based service provider but also supports some assured banks and debit/credit cards from their accepted countries. You can use different services such as; adding funds to your Payza account either through credit card or bank transfer, you can also money transfers with other users or can request for money through invoice. The process is very easy and requires no fees for creating an account but, all the service can be utilized with a small fee which is fairly competitive to other service such as PayPal. It is also handy for freelancers such as web designers, web developers etc. because of its excellent security features and the ability to manage more than one transfer with same account. It is affordable and convenient way to receive international payments, and a great way to strengthen the economy in the global market.

3. Payoneer

Payoneer Paypal Alternatives

Payoneer is among the top trusted sites for online payment. As soon as you register on the site, you will have the access to prepaid MasterCard that you will receive on your doorstep. There is no fee for signing up on the site and you will only be charged when you will activate you card. When your card gets activated, you get the access to load money in it from your local bank. You can transfer money to more than 200 countries and in different currencies. It is a very good choice for those freelancers as well that are working from home and get their money transferred.

4. Paymate

Paymate Paypal Alternatives

Paymate is secure and reliable online payment service that has an internet based payment system for everyone. You can transfer your money to more than 60 countries around the world. It is a great way to transfer your money from international customers. By giving a small service fee you can transfer your money with full security to anywhere. It can be a great alternative for PayPal because of its competitive fees and ease of use. You can trust the Paymate in your credit card details which will remain safe and will not be enclosed to anyone.

5. Google Wallet

Google Wallet Paypal Alternatives

Google wallet has the advantage of being the trust worth website for transferring your money because of its brand identity. With Google Wallet you can shop and save in stores and send money to your friends, family and they can use it right away. Mostly Google Wallet is used in US but, it also accepts credit cards from different countries. One barrier that Google Wallet has is you cannot send money to other users of Google Wallet and the service is only for commercial transfer. There is no fee required to use Google Wallet online or at the stores.

6. ProPay


Propay is an excellent choice to use as an alternative for the PayPal. It has similar features such as the access to send and receive money anywhere around the world and even the access to return bills and built-in shopping carts. One big advantage that ProPay has is that it is easily accepted by eBay. It also offers you the service of ProPay JAK, through which you can process credit and debit cards live on your iOS or Android phones, while doing a person to person transaction.

7. 2Checkout


2Checkout offers worldwide buyers a great money transfer experience. You can receive credit card and PayPal payments by merging your commercial account our payment gateway. It is a solid alternative for PayPal and you can transfer your money with proper safety to any part of the world. You can include the payment processing power directly to your website with its Payment API facility. 2Checkout gives the opportunity to make money by doing what you love.


  • Nina Lee

    Thank for the update! wow, skrill is really getting more and more popular. It is no surprise considering that they pay a lot of attention for safety issues and offer quite customer friendly fees. Payza is also a good Paypal alternative, according to me. Another payment option I like is Paysera, which operates in a similar way as Payza, processing cards and offering alternative payment options. However it has lower fees as they are still expanding to a number of countries and also has an app for mobile payments on offer.
    These would be my favorite alternatives for Paypal.