Review: Top 5 Online Project Management Tools

Project management is application of knowledge and skills through which projects can be executed effectively and efficiently. Many organizations use it as strategic capabilities to reach their end results and goals, and compete with a better way in the market. There are plenty of project management applications available on the internet that can be used for general purposes and not only for a particular industry.

However, many project management tools are created to help out single industry. All the project management tools available online can help you with keeping the record about all the activities and team members.

Some of these project management tools are free while others paid options. But, all of these tools can be easily used by anyone who wants to keep a track of the business whether small or large. Below are 5 best project management tools that are particularly for the developers, designers and other creative peoples.

1. Smartsheet

project-managment-tools (1)Smartsheet is a leading software provider to handling the projects whether small or big. It is a very easy way to manage your team, time and task. It has the capability to coordinate with a wide variety of products and operational processes whether complex or simple. Smartsheet works as an online hub for managing all the aspects of your projects. It handles the team availability and deliverable timelines to related documents.

Smartsheet uses a well known format known as the spreadsheet for their interface, which makes it very easy for anyone to get started. Smartsheet is accessible and offers;

  • Interactive Gantt charts
  • Resource management
  • Automated workflows
  • File sharing
  • Much more

Anyone who knows how to use excel or open office calc can easily use this tool. You can download the software for a 30 day free trial or you can choose anyone of the plans staring from USD $14/mo.

2. Huddle

project-managment-tools (2)Huddle is known as the first collaborative tools that moved into social media. Huddle provides you a unique and easy way to store, share and collaborate on the content internally and externally with the customers, partners and suppliers.

Huddle is also the provider of cloud content collaboration for the enterprise. You can store, share and collaborate with you team from anywhere, on any device. There are many features that Huddle provides to its customers including;

  • Online file storageAll the data stored in Hubble is encrypted with the server to industry standard levels so everything remains save and protected.
  • DiscussionsYou can easily and very quickly start discussing the tasks with your team members and keep all the conversations and comments to a single place.
  • Track deadlinesHubble effectively tracks all your tasks and deadlines for the projects so that you don’t have to worry about it.

You can start the free trail for 14 days or you can choose any of the plans starting form USD $20/mo.

3. Basecamp

project-managment-tools (3)Basecamp is among the best project management tools available online. They are the first choice for entrepreneurs, freelancers, small businesses and organizations. They help thousands of people every year to complete their projects without any problem. The application of Basecamp is focused on the project management. Basecamp helps you in dealing the important issues through discussions and communications. It has plenty of features such as;

  • Direct messages with the Basecamp instead of e-mail threads.
  • Easy file sharing, documents, images, and designs with clients and team.
  • Make a to-do list and assign deadlines to your tasks.
  • Start your project through templates instead of creating it from scratch.
  • Basecamp templates provide standardized projects ahead of their timelines.

You can download the Basecamp Project management tool for 60 days unlimited use free trail. Monthly packages for this tool starts from USD $20.

4. Goplan

project-managment-tools (4)Goplan is an easy way to keep track on your important projects and collaborate with the team and colleagues securely thorough an intuitive interface. The primary focus of Goplan is towards the developers who are in search for better management tool to handle their tasks and projects while communicating with the clients. There are plenty of features for Goplan including;

  • A dashboard that gives an overview of everything relating to your ongoing and upcoming projects with the company and client.
  • Task management to properly organize your tasks and all the projects. You can also have number of sub-tasks for a single task.
  • You can directly upload the files to Goplan and all your files will be saved and secured with Goplan.
  • You can check each of your project’s calendars. You can also add events to the calendar by clicking any day.

You can try out the 30 days free trial period of Goplan. Monthly packages for Goplan Project management tool starts from USD $10.

5. Freedcamp

project-managment-tools (5)Freedcamp provides you unlimited project solution for free. The tool is great and offers a fast and efficient way to stay organized. You can collaborate with your team through anywhere, with any device. Instantly communicate with your clients so that you always remain up-to-date with your projects. Many of the features include;

  • Extremely easy and fully customizable user permission system.
  • Instant e-mail through your inbox.
  • Manage your all projects through dashboard.
  • Use project templates to save hours of repetitive work.
  • Get the quality support you deserve.

The project management tool freedcamp is absolutely free and offers unlimited project solutions to everyone, so that you run your business effectively.

All the information provided is correct and up-to-date. Always check the application website before choosing any tool to find out the latest deals and stuff. I hope you found the article useful and that these tools help you with managing your business and team. Before leaving, tell us which online project management tool do you use? If your project management tool is not in the list, please share it with us in the comment section.

  • Nikky

    You can also try checking Asana which is like a good project management tool as well

    • taimur

      Thanks for the addition Nikky. Asana is the one I use.

  • Nick

    Hi Afzaal,

    You definetely should take a look at &

    These tools are simple and popular among designers and creative people for project management.

    • taimur

      Thanks for the addition Nick.

  • Arlen Mark

    Proofhub is another tool which is worth looking. Helps a lot in managing and tracking projects overall progress. I’d recommend you to check it out.