Top 10 SEO WordPress Plugins

WordPress is the most popular content management system that is designed to make blogging easy for your website. Almost half of the top 100 blogs in the whole world use this platform to share their posts with others. All these blogs are competing with each other to get the attention of their visitors online. Therefore, it is necessary to make sure that your content is fully optimized for the search engine optimization. People will not be able to see any of the new content without the use of a good SEO.

SEO is the process through which your content is being discovered on the internet. There are number of factors such as content, incoming link, speed and more that counts for calculating the ranking of your site on the search engines such as the Google. So if you don’t know much about the search engine optimization, there are plenty of WordPress plug-ins that can make it easy for you to optimize your blog posts. The SEO WordPress plug-ins basically gives you all the control over setting Meta data while creating new post such as the title and description. Here are top 10 SEO plug-in for WordPress available in the market.

1. WordPress SEO by Yoast


With this plug-in you can write better content while enjoying a fully optimized website. The plug-in allows you to select a focus keyword while writing an article in order to fill that word throughout in the article. The features for this plug-in include:

  • Snippet preview
  • Page Analysis
  • Link element
  • RSS optimization

The plug-in is free to be downloaded from the website for using in your websites.

2. Google XML sitemaps


This plug-in generates a clear XML sitemap that helps the search engines to index your blog or website. The index will help the search engines crawler to get access to all of your web pages and make it more efficient and easy. Here are some features:

  • Easy to install and configurable
  • Error free XML mark-up sitemap file
  • Provides priority wise links

The plug-in is free to download from the website.

3. All-In-One SEO pack


This plug-in is helpful for doing basic things such as automatically optimizing titles for the search engines. Also, it helps in generating Meta tags. Some of the features are:

  • Support for Google Analytics
  • Avoiding duplicate content
  • SEO integration for WP e-commerce sites

You can download this plug-in from the website for free.

4. SEO Ultimate


The plug-in allows you to rewrite the title tags, edit the Meta description and use the anchor text to create deeplinks. Some of the features include:

  • Auto highlighter
  • Rich Snippet creator
  • 404 monitor

The plug-in is free to be downloaded from the website.

5. FV Simpler SEO Pack


This plug-in is designed to make it easy to optimize the sites with advanced functions available. However, the more focus in towards creating simplicity and speed. Some of the features include:

  • Includes a noindex and nofollow settings
  • Sensible SEO techniques

The plug-in is free to download from the website.

6. Scribe for WordPress


This plug-in provides you with a content marketing tool for research, optimization and interaction. It gives you research tools to discover the topics that matter the most for your audience. Features include:

  • Choose smarter language
  • Increase leads and sales

This is a premium plug-in and will cost you USD $97/mo.

7. SEO Friendly Images


The plug-in automatically includes proper alt and title attributes to all of your images that improve traffic from search engines. Features include:

  • Improving traffic through SEO techniques
  • Options for modifying ALT and TITLE

The plug-in is free to download from the website.

8. Use Google Libraries


This plug-in speed up your website or blogs by loading the default scripts files such as the jQuery. It uses files from the Google Content delivery network. Features include:

  • Taking load off the server
  • Uses compressed versions of the libraries

The plug-in can be freely downloaded from the website.

9.W3 Total Cache


This plug-in is designed to improve your user experience and the page speed. By making improvements in server performance, it increase the user experience while reduces the download time. Some of the features include:

  • Reduced page load time
  • Mobile support
  • Compatible with shared hosting

The plug-in is free to download from the website.

10. WP Super Cache


This plug-in generates static HTML files from dynamic WordPress blogs. After the html file is generated, web server will serve that file instead of WordPress PHP scripts. Some features include:

  • Reduces the page load time
  • Solid SEO techniques

The plug-in can be freely downloaded from the website.


I hope you found the article useful. Which of the above plug-ins are you using or want to use? Please share your answers in the below comment section.


  • Rajeev Sharma

    I really great fan of Yoast SEO plugin.. its really one of best plugin in WordPress.. Thanks for sharing.

  • Steve Yancharas

    I think the SEO Friendly Images is the most underrated plugin out there, more people should pay attention to not only the alt/title tags, but the filenames of the images themselves.

  • 3W Edge

    All in one SEO pack is best among these WordPress plugins.