25 Free and Premium vBulletin Themes

vBulletin is among the most popular discussion forum programs for a long period of time. It is considered as the most advanced and convenient system for creating the forums. The best thing about vBulletin is the record for regular updates, security features and availability of a large number of themes and plug-ins. It works as excellent software for any upcoming forum admin to use. For past few years, web designers and developers have identified the increasing need and have started creating beautiful vBulletin themes and skins. All of these themes are very easy to install and can be managed very easily. All the vBulletin themes include content management and blog, in addition to forums.

vBulletin is offered in two major versions. The latest version is the vBulletin 5 which is also known as the vBulletin Connect. There is a less costly standard version and a second more expensive version of it. The second and the older version is the vBulletin 4 that is also available in two versions. One is less costly standard version known as the vBulletin Classic Forum, as it is purely based on the discussion forum program. The second more expensive vBulletin Publishing suite has a content management system for all those who are looking to publish their articles etc. on their website.

When you are choosing a vBulletin theme, you should be aware of the version that you are using so that the theme that you choose works on it. Every theme has different features and layouts in order to give a reliable look to your entire website. Both free and premium vBulletin themes are available for you to download. The free vBulletin themes however have less quality because these themes usually change the colors of the layouts only. Also, they are not updated on frequently basis. Premium themes however are regularly updated and have the full support of the authors in case you are having any difficulty in installing the theme. Premium themes are also of high quality because they are designed by the professionals. In today’s post, we have collected some of the best free and premium vBulletin themes so that you can create a great looking discussion forum that can attract the new visitors on your site.

Free vBulletin Themes


vbulletin (1)

2.Red Metal

vbulletin (2)

3.Simple World 2

vbulletin (3)

4.Hit The Road

vbulletin (4)


vbulletin (5)

6.Reptile Green

vbulletin (6)


vbulletin (7)

8.Bitten Fruit

vbulletin (8)

9.Back 2 Basics

vbulletin (9)

10.Jungle Book 2

vbulletin (10)

11.Aegean Ecru

vbulletin (11)

12.Dark Futura

vbulletin (12)


vbulletin (13)

14.Cars Red Version

vbulletin (14)

15.Take Five

vbulletin (15)


vbulletin (16)


vbulletin (17)

18.Romantic Talk

vbulletin (18)

19.Maverick Stars

vbulletin (19)

Premium vBulletin themes


vbulletin (20)

21.Metro Mobile

vbulletin (21)


vbulletin (22)


vbulletin (23)


vbulletin (24)


vbulletin (25)


There are plenty of scripts available that can help you in creating a professional looking forum but, some of these are very expensive and complex. vBulletin on the other hand, is very popular among all the internet users who are part of discussion forums. All the themes listed above whether free or premium, are extremely powerful and will surely help you in attracting the new members towards the forum. Before leaving, please tell us which theme do you use for your vBulletin? Which of these themes you find interesting? Please share your thoughts and answers in the below comment section.