Creative Brochure Design – Tips, Inspirations and Ideas

Brochure can be found easily on the places where tourists often visit. Places such as; shops, museums, traveler information etc. There are different forms of brochures that you would have seen; the common of all is the single-sheet brochure which is almost everywhere while other forms include bi-fold and the tri-fold brochure. The purpose of brochure depends on the type of businesses they are used for. Some businesses use it to promote their products while others do it to display their offered services. Brochures that come in print design are the dominant ones and due to their affordability, nearly every business has the print brochure at their receptions.

Brochure Design Tips

Brochure is an efficient tool in the marketing to let everyone know about your business, while some non-profit organizations also use brochures to generate awareness about their company. Brochures are very different from other printed advertisement such as the billboards or the banners. A good brochure design is the one that defines the aim and objectives of the business accurately. What is the target market? Will they understand this brochure? These things are very important to decide before you make brochures. Below are some useful tips to make your brochure look gorgeous, after which we have added some creative brochure designs for your Inspiration.

1. Outline the Objectives

You should have a purpose before you start to design a brochure. It is very important to know that what are the goals and objectives of your company and why do you need a brochure. If you are designing a brochure for a client, have a chat with the client and ask for the purpose. Sometimes client only want a newer version of the old brochure while if they are going to design it for the first time, try to look on what they want to accomplish.


2. Avoid Too Many Fonts

There is no need to fill up your brochure with fonts when you are going to design one. Add only the main parts which include; the main heading, subheading and body copy. Be simple and don’t use more than three types of fonts in your brochure in order to get the attention of the readers. Changing fonts in heading is a good idea but while in the body remain with only one font that is easily readable.

3. Use Nice Color Combination

While designing a brochure, color combination should properly be allocated to each area and corner of the brochure. It should match the theme of your brochure and the words that are written in the brochure, in short colors should match everything. If colors are appealing, people will read it surely. Don’t use too many colors in the brochure; you will lose the soul of it.

4. Build a Good Structure

The aim of your brochure must be very clear to the readers. Remain simple and to the point, preserve a nice flow from starting to the ending. Proper margins between the spaces should be given, so that readers don’t get lost in words and can easily read every single word. Using no more than three colors in the background would be enough to get readers interested in your brochure. There is no need of putting high resolution images in your brochures because; if it gets wrong the brochure will look cheap.


5. Always Proofread

When the brochure comes out of printing and you find a mistake in any words spelling comes. How angry will you feel? The best way to avoid this is by getting your brochure proofread by a professional that can also edit that for you if there is any mistake.

Brochure Design Inspiration

Here are some best brochure designs for ideas and inspirations.



 SM Stationary Branding Mock Up (Volume I)








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