Affordable and Cheap 3D Printers To Buy

3D printing is the process through which a three-dimensional solid object is created to nearly and shape from digital copy. In past few years, the 3D printing has become from an abstract to a reality and is produced very cheaply nowadays. There are different models that are available publicly for sale purpose and for designing of several products. 3D printers are very different from those of conventional machine methods in which the objects are removed from the process such as drilling or cutting. With the passage of time, 3D printers are predicted to be available in everyone’s home. 3D printing has a very wide range of usage; they can be used for practical purposes as well as for commercial purposes. With the improvement in the 3D technology, scientists expect that it will be of great help to medical in the coming years.

Top 10 Cheap 3D Printers

There are several conventional processes that are less expensive in making products related to polymer in good qualities, one of which is the injection molding. In comparison, 3D printers can perform the task much faster than other machines and can be afforded cheaply. 3D printers are also very useful for the designers because, designers can use desktop printers to create unique concept models. With the 3D technology getting better each day, the prices for the 3D printers are falling as well, hence making them to be affordable by everyone. In this article we will feature 10 affordable and cheap 3D printers.

1. Peachy Printer

Peachy Cheap 3D Printer

Preachy printer is portable and lightweight and is known to be the world’s cheapest 3D printer. It produces objects through a liquid light-sensitive resin that turns the object into solid form through laser beam. The price for peachy printer is only $100.

2. MakiBox A6 HT Clear

MakiBox A6 HT Cleaer Cheap 3D Printer

The MakiBox A6 HT is designed to perform the best. It is easily affordable and is proved to be very reliable. It has the heated stainless steel printing technology that prints ABS and several other objects with no additional preparation. Price of MakiBox A6 HT is $300.

3. MakiBox A6 LTMakiBox A6 LT Cheap 3D Printer


MakiBox A6 LT comes with the frosted acrylic printing bed technology designed for PLA and other related lower temperature plastics. It is simple to use and requires very little configuration. The MakiBox A6 LT can be purchased for only $200.

4. Solidoodle

Solidoodle Cheap 3D Printer

The Solidoodle offers no-fuss printer in a very affordable price. It is currently offering three models; 2nd Generation, 3rd Generation and 4th Generation Solidoodle printers. The difference among the models is of size and dimensions. The price for Solidoodle printer starts from just $499-$999.

5. Phoenix 3D Printer

Phoenix Cheap 3D Printer

The Phoenix 3D printer is designed for students, families, or anyone who wants to start 3D printing. It comes with a unique technology to pause your task between a print if something is not right and you can rewind to last correct point and start again from there. The price range is from $374-$500.

6. Solidoodle 2nd Generation – Base

Solidoodle 2nd Generation Base

The Solidoodle 2nd Generation is one of the three models of Solidoodle printers. It has the durable metal frame and a dimension of 6”x 6”x 6”. The printer is affordable and easy to operate. The price for Solidoodle 2nd Generation – Base is only $499.

7. Printbot

Printbot Cheap 3D Printer

The Printbot printers are a perfect solution to large size 3D printers. It offers 3D printers in various sizes and features. You can purchase kits that are to be assembled manually or already assembled 3D printers starting from just $349.

8. Portable 3D printer

Portable Cheap 3D Printer

Portable 3D is a next generation personal 3D printer that has a unique design and is user friendly to use and creates stunning real world 3D objects. The plug and play portable 3D printer costs you just $595.

9. Printbot Assembled Simple 2014

Printbot Assembled Affordable 3D Printer

Printbot Simple has aluminium print bed technology with the dimensions of 4” x 4” x 4”. The printer is easy to use and is designed for PLA and other related materials. The price for the printer is $499.

10. Printrbot Simple 2014 3D Printer Kit

Cheap 3D Printer Kit Printbot

This is the same printbot Simple 2014 3D printer but, is not assembled. The kit can be assembled manually and is designed for the PLA Filament and other related materials. The price of the kit is $349.