Simple Guide to Website Copywriting

Copy writing is the art of persuading the readers to buy a product or service through writing. The whole concept is about how you motivate the readers about the benefits that your product will give to them. In online marketing, this is considered a very important element. Many big brands hire copywriters to write reviews or articles about their products or company. The core principle behind copywriting is to deliver the words through such a strategy that people are forced to give their response which is usually in the form of buying.

Copywriting Guide

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Website Copywriting Guide

When it comes to profession, this is one of the highest paid jobs in writing field. But, in order to achieve this status you have to really work hard in terms of giving proper time in learning this art. There are plenty of guidelines that you can follow in order to master the field of web copywriting, and stand with other highest paid copy writers. However, when it comes to writing for web, there is one common thing that you should always remember; Internet is a whole world itself and the web users are information seekers in it. According to a research, a lot of web users only look for the information that they need without noticing other things. They want to find their required information as quickly as they can. Therefore, in today’s post you will learn the art of doing successful copywriting on the web by following these guidelines.

Stay Brief

This is a very important point that every writer should consider. Internet user these days only search for the information that he/she requires. Your website writing must be brief and clear so that, readers don’t get lost in words. Writing briefly is always a good approach when you are writing for websites. Your readers can easily recognize your actual point if you convey the message as quickly as possible to them. You should avoid fancy words and difficult sentences on the web so that every reader can easily understand the content.

Organize Your Words

No matter how useful your content is, it will be of no use if you don’t organize it properly. The best way is to break the paragraphs into small lines that are easily readable. It is very useful techniques in making the visitors stay on your page. Giving a subhead before starting a paragraph will help the readers to know what the paragraph is going to be about. It will also give a breathing space to the reader’s eyes and they will be more focused towards the content.

This technique is very helpful in gaining the trust of the visitors thus making them a permanent member of your site. No matter how good your writing is; if your content is full of words with no organization in it, reader will not bother to read it. Some copywriters also use bullet lists to convey their message in a quick and easy way. A good way is to keep the most important and latest information on the top of the page so that, the reader sees it instantaneously. Knowing how much information can be seen before scrolling down the page is also helpful to the copywriters in deciding what information they should place first.

Getting Readers Attention

Getting the attention of your reader is the most important part in website copywriting. Will the visitor click on my post? Will he see it? These questions are always on the mind of writers. Basically, getting the attention largely depends on three things; the headline, the sub-heading and the additional images. One example is the magazine and newspaper that has the ability to attract the customers on news-stand with their spectacular headlines. Website writers should take ideas from it and make their headlines with similar attention getting styles.

Sometimes headlines and sub-headings are your only chance to draw reader’s attention towards your story so, you should always focus a lot on these and try to make them as simple and clear as you can. Readers are more attractive towards simple language than the one with fancy words and difficult sentences because, they don’t have enough time to first search the meaning of different words that you have used in your writing. Headlines must reflect the purpose of article in an entertaining way. Remember, the headline should tell what the article is about because; it is very annoying for everyone to click on the post and find that it is not what the headline was saying.

The Inverted Pyramid Style

The visitor has clicked on your post or article, now how will you make him stay and read till the last word? Website writers follow the inverted pyramid style that is used in newspaper writing. Based on this style, the most important information is placed at the start of the article and through which the article is expanded further. This method answers the “who,” “what,” “when,” “where,” “why” before everything else and the later part of article is based on the “how”. Most of the readers don’t click to the second page of the article unless they find something interesting in it. This is why this style is very important and every copywriter working for website should consider it.

Considering the Keywords

Keywords come very handy if you know how to use them properly. You should look for different ways to add keywords in your title and main body of the article. A technique that is mostly used for this purpose is called “SEO”. Copywriters use different important terms in their article in such a way that when people search for them on the internet, they are forwarded to your article. Search engines have totally changed the way of promoting your work. There are plenty of tools with which you can add a scientific element in your article so that, it remains on the top page of any search engine.

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Using Hyperlink

Understanding the core function of hyperlink is very important for the writers. Referring to any other data that reader can directly read by clicking on the hyper word. It is very helpful when you want to mention any fact to the readers without explaining the details of it. Upon clicking the word that you hyperlinked, it will automatically take the user to the article which you referred for further study. There are different ways in which you can refer the reader to other article, you can either highlight the word or you can write something that tells about the hyperlink destination.

Remember, to set the link in such a way that it opens in a new tab because; you don’t want your reader to go somewhere else without finishing your article. Hyperlink is also very useful when you want to quote another writer in your article. By doing this you automatically gain the trust of your reader. On the other hand, your reader can get more information about the topic which you are discussing. Internet users love those sites that provide valuable sources for reading more detail about any topic.

Choosing the Right Style

Style plays the key part in drawing the reader’s attention and making the reader feel that he/she belongs here. Many websites are now using the informal style to convey a lively and natural feeling to the reader. It will also help the writer to be simple while the content will be easily readable to everyone. Websites with informal style is mostly preferred by the visitors due to its natural look and as a result the site gets popular very quickly.

Write in Active Voice

The best way is to write in active voice because, it is concise. Active voice sentences are usually more powerful than passive voice because, the subject performs the actual action instead of being acted upon. These kinds of sentences are easy for the readers to understand, and they are naturally considered more interesting.

Using Multimedia

The best way to make your content look natural is by mixing the information with photos, graphics, videos and flash so that the readers find a unique attachment with your article. However, using these elements heavily can destroy the purpose and distract your reader. So, it is best to have a mix of these elements to make your content look catchy. Also, adding images and graphics make your content look live and readers don’t get bore of reading it.

Combining Writing and Design

In order to make your work more attractive to the readers, you need to combine designing and copy writing together. Designs are modified so the reader can focus on the article without getting distracted by the website design. If there is too much distraction on the page, the text can easily lose its value. While sometimes the copy is the one that has to be tweaked so that it fits with the design perfectly. Headline that looks great on the webpage may not fit into the context; therefore it becomes necessary to make changes in it according to the design.
The best result can only be achieved when both writing and designing work together. It is very important for the designers to create such web design that can properly fit with the copy and grabs the attention of the readers. Copywriters on the other hand should realize the importance of heading and copy in designing. In the end, both designer and copywriter should work hard so that the optimal output is achieved.

Understanding Your Customer

While copywriting, you should always have the knowledge about the audience that will read your article. When you are writing for any product, you should have some knowledge about the customers that are going to use that product. Your goal is to motivate them about the topic. Make them tell you about how they feel and how they describe your product. Copywriters use this technique as weapons in their writing. Only researching about the product and company is not enough to generate an attractive looking copy. Copywriters should understand the fact that their main focus at the end are customers, therefore it should be about what matters to them. Your article should convince the customers about the topic and make them to use the product which you are asking them to. Customers are the one who will buy the product with their money so the main focus of your writing should always be the end-user.
One way to understand your customers is by making a survey about their expectations regarding the product or service which you are going to write about. It will help you to write a persuasive article explaining the benefits of the product to the customers. Survey is a good technique to know what your customer is thinking and how are they describing your product. Only after that, you can make an excellent copywriting for any website content, product description or any other topic. When you carefully analyze the customer, it helps you to write the exact language that they understand. Some copywriters do this mistake of writing in corporate language which ultimately results in customers not able to understand the article. No matter how much familiar phrases you use in your writing, if they don’t make sense to the customers they are worthless to use in the articles.


The art of persuasive copywriting is very useful when you are writing for any website in order to sell products or services. The important thing is that your writing should be unique and catchy so that readers are forced to read every last word of it. The best technique that we discussed for it is to use the pyramid style of writing. You will obviously don’t want your customers to switch to other websites for the reason that your headings are not attractive and catchy. By following this guide you can master the art of website copywriting, also if you want to share your own thoughts about writing feel free to do it by commenting below.