Tips on How to Create Catchy Slogans

A slogan is used by the companies or advertisers to create a visual idea of what they are offering or what their purpose is. Companies, nowadays, use fancy catchy slogans to attract consumer, as it gives the idea that what are the advantages and benefits of the products or services that they are providing. Slogans are a vital factor in making the brand famous among people and increasing the company’s sales or popularity.

It is a fact that companies sell more when their brand gains popularity among the potential consumers. All the famous brands have some unique catchy phrases that attracts the masses and generates sales for the company. The slogan should be exact and well organized in order to be effective enough, as there are some unique slogans that we have remembered for years while some have gone through us that we haven’t even noticed.

Catchy Slogans

Tips on how to make catchy slogans

If you are in process of making super cool slogans, then you might love these tips.

1. Show them what they want

When you are making a catchy campaign slogan for your company or for your advertising campaign, make sure that you always show your potential consumers what they really want out of your product or service, I am talking about the benefits. A slogan should be the one that reminds consumers about the key benefits of your products and gives them a unique familiarity about it. You can think of as many touching words as you can that perfectly relates to the benefits the you are offering and then make it short so that it fits the need.

BMW- Catchy Slogans

2. Be Precise

Your slogan should be short and exactly to the point that it can touch the hearts of its readers. Choose words that are creative and accurately portray the benefits that your product has to offer to the consumers. Try to sum up what you have to say in 8-10 words because, long slogans are hard to remember and no one wants to read them. Keep the words of your slogan less by remaining precise and you will have more chance of attracting potential consumers.

Canon - Catchy Slogans

3. Share Your Vision

The best catchy marketing phrases are those that have a good vision behind them. Don’t go around telling how good your company is otherwise, you will lose the value of your slogan. Slogan is an identity to the brand and it creates brand awareness among the potential consumers. Always make a slogan that is about your customers because, it will show your vision to the consumers and by doing so you will also get competitive edge in the market.

4. Don’t forget your Name

If you don’t have millions of dollars in your pocket, you should definitely add your organizations name in the slogan that you are making. There is no point in making a catchy sales slogan if you don’t have included your company’s name in it. It’s risky to have no name of your company in the slogan because; when you have made a memorable slogan but have not added your company name, people will remember the slogan but will have no idea about the company of which the slogan is. Even companies that have a huge marketing budget and a good association prefer to write their names with their slogans, so that people don’t forget it.



5. Give proper time to your Slogan

Surely you cannot come up with a great slogan that attracts your potential consumer and increases your sales in one night. Give your slogan the proper time it needs in researching like: what consumers are expecting from your company, what are the benefits you have to offer to consumer etc. This is no doubt a difficult task to perform and requires time and certain skills but, you can hire a slogan writer who can perform these duties for you.

6. Review Your Slogan

You can generate a good amount of slogans to attract potential customer in the market, if you review your taglines properly. Write as many words as you like and review them with a new mindset, now do any slogan that you wrote tends to grab you? If you have come up with a good slogan, you will know it at the very moment. You can also ask your family or friends to help you out in picking the right one, also ask them for their feedback about what do they think of when they read your slogan. If it’s good stick to it otherwise, start the process again.

Apple - Creative Catchy Slogans

7. Don’t promise anything that you can’t keep

Always say simple and pure words that describe your company. Thinking that great slogans are those that have a great promise is a mistake. You will definitely not wanting you consumers to get a false impression of your business. Remember, the best catchy slogans are those that are pure, simple and easy to remember. Slogans can make a huge contribution to your company by boosting up the sales volume of your products or services.

LG- Creative Phrases

8. Take advantage of the market conditions

In order to remain memorable among the potential consumers, you must give a regular check to your slogan. Like the offers of your company, your slogan might also need to be adapted with the changing market conditions. While you search for the market situation to change your products or services, take a look at the slogan as well that whether it needs a change or not. In current situations everyone is looking for affordability, so the slogans that contain an affordability factor might be very attractive to consumers.

In the end I would like to hear from you people. How do you create killer slogans for your companies? Share with us.