Testing Tools – Check Cross Browser Compatibility

Internet users have plenty of browser options these days to access the internet and log on their favorite sites. Designers and Developers know this very well and which is why they are working hard to create every website they make a compatible with every major browser. Designers use different techniques to check that which are the most common browsers that user are using which is also referred as cross browser compatibility. If a website is compatible with cross browsers, it is said to be a great website.

Cross Browser Compatibility Tools

After you have recognized the common browsers that visitors are using to come to your website, the next step will be to make your website look same in every browser. Browsers can be of two types; multi-browser and cross-browser. When a website works on some major browsers it is known to be multi-browser, while when the website works on every browser or any version, it is known to be cross-browser. This is very important for developers to create websites that are cross-browser compatible because, users will only blame the website if they are unable to load it through their browsers. There are plenty of tools that make it easy for the developers to check whether their website is cross-browser compatible or not. Some are free while some charge a fee for it. Here are some very useful tools that you can use to check cross-browser compatibility of your website.

1. Ghostlab


Ghostlab makes your website available to everyone and makes sure that your every user gets the expected experience from your site. It is compatible with every operating system, browser or smart phone. With Ghostlab, you can synchronize not just page but, scrolls, clicks, reloads from every connected client. Its built-in inspector helps solving any problem faster. You can connect to DOM or JavaScript output on any device to effectively fix trouble-making code. No setup is required to connect with Ghostlab if you have JavaScript enabled. It has a workspace feature that allows you to create a custom browser setup and adapt Ghostlab’s features according to your requirement. Ghostlab tool is available in the price of USD 49$ only.

2. BrowserStack

Cross Browser Testing Tool

BrowserStack offers live, web-based browser testing and gives you access to every desktop and mobile browser. You can test your internal servers and local HTML designs in remote browsers with a secure setup. With super fast cloud access, you don’t need any installation. There are some pre-installed developer tools that are very helpful for having a quick cross-browsing test and debugging. You can test across a wide range of devices with official iOS, Android, Opera mobile and tablet emulators. BrowserStack is no doubt the best tool to test cross-compatibility of your website. It also provides support for firewalls, proxies and Active Directories. This amazing tool can be purchased in USD $ 39 per month for Solo and USD $399 per month for Enterprise purpose.

3. Sauce Labs


Sauce Labs offers you cloud testing on more than 250 different browser platforms and devices. It gives a complete testing facilities including; Selenium, JavaScript, Mobile and Manual testing. No setup or maintenance is required. It gives access to live breakpoints between testing so you can manually take control of the investigation from there on. Testing is done in chronological order with information regarding testing platform, runtime and build. You will receive a full report as soon as the test is completed with metadata and log files. Flip through screenshots to find any problem or error and verify the layouts. You can get your Sauce Labs tool in USD $12 per month (Manual) and USD $149 per month (Small Team).

4. CrossBrowserTesting


CrossBrowserTesting gives a unique experience of live testing and an access to more than 130 browsers across 25 different operating systems and mobile devices. You can easily verify your layout and test AJAX, HTML, Forms, JavaScript and Flash. It has a notable layout comparison feature that lets you make comparison with any base browser. Layout comparison provides summary of rendering differences, and screenshot of side by side images to have a close look on any layout issue and repair it. You can test the progress of websites even behind the firewall and logins. This tool is available in USD $29.95 per month (Basic) and USD $199.95 (Busniess).

5. Mogotest


Mongotest very carefully makes analysis of your website or app. It gives cross-browser compatibility reports about any of your web pages that gets broke in any browsers. It is easy and you don’t need any program knowledge. The results are delivered as soon as you enter a set or URLs. It also offers to test those pages that are hidden behind firewall or have any login. Screenshot comparison allows you to see two browsers in relation to one another. With its regression testing, you can easily change CSS or JavaScript without breaking your page. This tool can be easily accessed in USD $99 per month (professional) and USD $499 per month (Premium).

6. Browsershots


Browsershots is a free tool to check your websites browser compatibility. It is very simple to use, just enter the URL and select the browser setup that you need. There are many presets available including; screen size, color depth, JavaScript, Java and Flash. You can choose which one you want. After finishing, the screenshots will be available within a period of time. You can also bookmark that page to check on the screenshots later. Browsershots is completely free but, its priority processing can be purchased in USD $29.95 per month.

7. Browserling


Browserling is based on StackVM and is powered by Canvas and JavaScript. You can run a full browser testing without Flash, Applets or any installation. Simply enter the URL that you want to test and wait for some moment to see the results. You can review your website in multiple browsers in three minutes. You can choose browser from a collection of more than 80 browsers, with the facility to change the resolution of screen. After three minutes, you can re-submit your URL or you can buy a upgrade with lot of features included in it such as; SSH tunnels to access localhost and Intranet services, remote desktop access and higher time limits. This tool is free of cost but, an upgrade plan can be purchased in USD $250 per month (Dedicated).

8. Browsera


Browsera can test the problems of cross-browser layout through comparing each browser’s output and locating and reporting JavaScript errors. Pages that are behind login or firewall can also be tested. There is no need of any installation because, it completely runs on cloud. You can test your whole website by accepting the list of URL’s that you like to be tested. It supports dynamic content like; AJAX amd DHTML. It presents your cross-browser layout problems very quickly so that any issue coming and be resolved very quickly. Browsera tool is freely available as well as with Premium upgrade of USD $99 per month.

9. IE NetRenderer


IE NetRenderer gives you access to check your website performance in Internet Explorer 5.5 till 11. Simply enter your URL and have a look on your website’s appearance in common IE versions. IE NetRenderer can process large number of requests in quick and real time which makes it an incredibly fast service to check cross-browser compatibility. With no waiting time, its unique overlay and difference mode helps to recognize even the slightest of position differences between IE6 and IE7. IE NetRenderer makes sure that every image and URLs provided by you is kept safe and private from anyone. This tool is completely free to use.

10. Spoon.net


Spoon.net is for windows-only browser compatibility checker for multiple versions of current or beta web browsers. Simply install a small plug-in, choose which browser to test and the process will start instantaneously. You can run multiple applications side by side without any conflict because, it runs the applications is isolated sandboxes. The practical browser runs same as the installed browsers and supports the components of any standard browser including; ActiveX and popular plug-ins like Firebug, CSS, IE Developer Toolbar and JavaScript debug console. This tool is available freely but cost USD $99 per month (Team).

11. TestingBot

TestingBot allows you to easily test cross-browser with Selenium. You can do it manually or select automatic. It has more than 100 browsers and OS combinations. With manual testing, you can control any browser in the cloud through your own browser. You can also run computerized tests in the cloud by choosing which browser you want to test and also when to start and for how long. Every browser test shows advanced reporting with screenshots and videos of your test. This tool is available to check the cross-browser compatibility of your websites for USD $40 per month (Small Team) and USD $250 per month (Custom).