10 Best Websites To Download Free Audio Books

Audiobook is known as the recordings of texts that are being read. It is usually for those people that are visually impaired but, are also used by those people who are often very busy but are fond of reading so, they can enjoy their favorite books from listening to them. If you want to read the complete text of the any book, it is known as unabridged and when you are reading the shorter version or a synopsis, it is called as abridged. Most people while they are travelling somewhere enjoy listening to audio books through several audio devices.

Download Free Audio Books

The ease of listening is one of the biggest advantages that audiobooks give to you, whether you are at kitchen or on a long drive and want to read one of your favorites and even the latest versions of different books. It is obvious that you will not be getting a traditional book experience but, someone reading a book for you in a good accent should make up for that. Audiobooks are available at the internet but, it is difficult to find a one that is cheap, that is why we have featured some good free sites to download audio books for free.

1. Librophile

Librophile is an online source for Audiobooks that lets you find completely free audiobooks and eBooks on the internet. You can browse on the site to find the latest available audiobooks on the internet. If you want to listen to any chapter or you want to download the book freely. You can also play a sample of any book that you want. You can use Librophile from your computer and iPhones to find any free audiobook that you like to read out.

2. Lit2Go


Lit2Go has a large collection of stories and poems in mp3 formats that you can enjoy listening online or can download them freely. You can also download paragraphs in PDF and printed formats to read for yourself or for any educational purpose. Browse through the large collection by the name of the author or by title, genre or reading level. It also gives provides a search option for the readers to find their favorite audiobooks quickly.

3. ProjectGutenberg

Project Gutenberg offers a huge list of literature audiobooks that are freely available on the internet but are difficult to find. There are two main categories offered; Human-read and computer-generated audio books. The files can be in large size it is not recommended to download them through a slow internet connection. Computer-generated voices for audiobooks have same computerized systems that are used by blinds to read. You can find your desired books by listing author names, titles etc.

4. Podiobooks


Podiobooks has the collection of some of the top related titles that you can find on the internet. It has a RSS facility through which you can remain up-to-date with the latest releases and you can download them with just a click or you can listen to them online. Though it has a narrow category to offer but, there are some unique categories which you might not see anywhere else such as the; cyberpunk and Urban Fantasy.

5. ThoughtAudio

Thought Audio offers classic literature that is freely available to anyone who wants to listen. The books can be streamed online and you can listen to any author’s book that is free on the internet. Books are divided into several categories so that readers can find their favorite books without having any difficulty. You can also sign up on the site to get the latest updates about the new titles and promotions for audiobooks.

6. Librivox 


Librivox has a unique and interesting feature for the readers; it allows volunteers to record different chapters or sections of books. You can enjoy listening to any book in a human voice rather than a computerized voice. You can search books by their author names, titles, genres or in different languages as well. Submissions for audiobooks are always on and there is no decided time for it which increases the book selection.

7. Storynory

Storynory is a free audiobook provider site that is very helpful for those parents who want to read different stories for their children’s. It is specially made for children’s and provides free audiobooks that are usually original stories or classic fantasy story tales as well as short novels. Although, there are limited books offered by the site to choose from but the number is growing on regular basis. It is a great resource for finding audiobooks for children’s.

8. BookRix


BookRix is just the right place for those who are looking for something new other than classics. You can publish your work as an independent writer for absolutely free, whether in written form or in audiobooksfor listening. It has a lot of variety on the books categories including the famous Pride and Prejudice. You can also comment under the author readto share your feeling about any book to the authors.


9. Books Should Be Free


Books should be Free is classic literature audiobook website that is for everyone. You can find different short stories and novels from public domains in several languages that you can download in Mp3 and Mp4 formats. Search for top 100 or stream any book online to listen to it. It has also a review system in which every book is reviewed so that the reader may know that what can be expected from the book.

10. Open Culture

Open Culture is based on education and cultural media. It has a collection of different audiobooks available on the internet mostly classics which can be streamed online to listen or can be download freely in different formats. You can search for your desired audiobook by a well organized genre which includes; fiction. Literature, non-fiction as well as poetry. You can also search any book with the author’s name that OpenCulture will find for you on the internet that are easily available but hard to find.