Download Free E-Books – 15 Best Websites

An electronic book mostly known as the eBook is the advanced form of regular books, that are available for the readers in electronic formats. As the world is moving towards the digital era, more books are coming into electronic formats than that of traditional printed formats. E-books have set a new trend among the people and are preferred more than the printed books because, e-books can be very easily downloaded to a computer, laptop, Mac, tablets or even in smart phones. E-books are read on the screen of the devices and includes table of content, page numbers, detailed pictures that are as exactly as the printed books thus making it a fantastic experience for the readers.

Libraries can face the difficulty of space limitation when there are thousands of books in it. E-books can solve this problem very efficiently as thousands of books can be stored and properly organized in a single computer and can be accessed by anyone easily. Also eBooks provide its reader the up-to-date version of any book they want to read and are available at anytime. E-Books require little space in your devices and don’t need a room or a library to be stored. If you want to read an eBook in a traditional printed format, you can do it by simply printing it through your home printer. The main advantage that eBooks provide to its users is that they are portable, which means that you can carry them anywhere with you without any worries about the weight and can read them whenever you want to.

Best Websites to Download Free E-Books

Today, we have collected 15 websites which can be used to download books online.

1. Free-ebooks

Free-ebooks Download Free E-Books

Free-eBooks is one of the largest sources t0 download free e-books online. It has different categories to choose from such as business, fiction etc. Other than free books, readers can also download free magazines or can even submit their own e-Book. You can search for your favourite authors to read their ebooks at any time. To access the free-eBook library, you have to become a member through a totally free registration.

2. Bookboon

Bookboon - Download Free E-Books

Bookboon is a global publisher of eBooks. Bookboon has a collection range of over 1000 books,  Readers can enjoy reading their favourite eBooks in seven different languages that are openly available for everyone to download. Bookboon generates over a 42 million free eBook downloads per year through their website.

3. Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg Download Free E-Books

Project Gutenberg offers its readers over a 42,000 free eBooks to choose from, you can read free epub books or free kindle books by simply downloading them or reading them online. EBooks are available in different categories that are properly organized. All eBooks available at Project Gutenberg are of high quality and there is no fee or registration required to access them.

4. Ebook3000


Ebook3000 is among the top free eBook download websites available for readers and has large list of free eBooks offered in many categories such as; Biographies, Comics, Novels, Poetry, Science, Travel guides etc. If you are looking for a free website to download and read from, then surely Ebook3000 is the best place for you.

5. Obooko


Obooko is a very unique free eBook website from where the users can download free eBooks by famous authors. The two ‘o’ in their website represent online and offline meaning that users can read online from various categories and can also download through it for free. There is a free registration for the website but, it requires a minimum age of 13 to access it.

6. ManyBooks


ManyBooks is a free eBook download website for iPads, PDA or eBook reader. Users can choose the books they want to read from popular titles and can browse through different genres which include; Adventure, Classics, Philosophy, politics etc. ManyBooks offers its readers over a 21,000 free eBooks to choose from and all are totally free to read and download.

7. GetFreeEBooks


GetFreeEBooks offers free eBooks and readers can read books online or download them at their devices for free. You can browse through its large eBooks category that includes; Blogging, Design, Crafts, Family and kids, education and learning. You can choose the best one that you want to read or download. The eBooks available at the website are legal and can be read or downloaded for free.

8. WitGuides


Witguides provide a free PDF library for the readers. Thousands of eBooks are available to read online or download free to devices or can be saved as well to read on another date. Novels and different titles are available in formats of PDF, iBook and Kindle. You can download number of useful eBooks through the website without any sign-up or purchase.

9. Free Computer Books

Free Computer Books

Free Computer Books is an online eBook source which comprises of a vast collection of Computer and IT guides Mathematics, Electronic and Computer engineering, Programming, Technical Books, social topics, Lecture notes and different tutorials. Users can choose to read from a number of topics that are categorized properly and includes 12 top ranked categories and more than 140 sub-categories.

10. FreeTechBooks


FreeTechBooks offers its readers a list of eBooks to choose from including; supporting field’s books, operating system books, programming books, computer science and engineering books and many more. You can search for which books you want to read through a search box on the website. All eBooks are legal and available for the readers to read and download freely from the website.

11.The Online Books Page

The Online Books Page

The Online Books Page is a free eBook download website that makes it easy for the readers to access those books that are available freely on the internet to read. It has a listing of over 31,000 free books available on the internet to read. The Online Books Page also provides information about how the readers can contribute in the growth of online books.

12. eBookLobby


eBookLobby is another online source where readers can choose books to read from a large category base. You can browse and select the books they want to read very easily. The category of eBooks available on the website includes; Arts & Photography, Business, Children books, Computer and Internet. Many more are available to read and download freely.

13. BookYards


BookYards is an entrance to anyone that has an internet link and wants to read and download eBooks for free. offers the same amount of content and data through World Wide Web that people can find in large public libraries. There are more than 18,000 free eBooks available for you to read online on the website or to download through website freely.

14. Book Gold Mine

Book Gold Mine

Book Gold Mine offer its users a great collection of eBooks to read from that are of high quality. You can choose from different categories to read and download. There are over 300 active resources in Book Gold Mine database. Categories include; Business, Computer science, Math, Biology and number of lectures, notes and various other documents are also available to read and download for free.

15. E-Books Directory

E-Books Directory

E-Books Directory provides readers with links to free downloadable eBooks on the internet. E-Books Directory is totally free and comprises of different categories that include; Cooking, health, Comics, Engineering etc. There are more than 8700 free eBooks that are contained in 652 categories which provides a great reading experience for researchers, students and all eBook lovers.