25 Beautiful Free HTML5 Templates

HTML5 is the latest version of HTML. HTML has changed the internet since its beginning and with latest technology it is moving the internet to a new era. HTML5 can be used for different purposes but the most important use is in templates which we are going to discuss in this article.

Whether it’s HTML5 or CSS3, both are standard coding languages that are used in web designs. Some web designers have lot of projects and don’t have the time to design and code their website template. We have featured some great HTML5 templates for you that are totally free to download and can be used in your designing projects.

1. Fertile

html5-templates (1)

Fertile is a fresh and pixel perfect HTML5-CSS3 portfolio template. It is very good for using in creative and portfolio websites. It is free and you can download it to use in your designing project or for your customers project.

2. Brighty UI Kit

html5-templates (2)

This is a smooth modern UI kit that can be used for Blogs, Magazines and User Interface. There are many features included in this template and can be easily edited. It is fully responsive using HTML5 and CSS3 technology and is designed to be perfect for web and mobile apps.

3. Parallels

html5-templates (3)

This is a corporate template for the agencies and creative studios. It has customizable options that you can easily manage according to your need. It is a responsive web design template and can be used in every website. It has a fancy style but, can be changed as per requirements.

4. Clean and Flat

html5-templates (4)

This template is made to be used for online shopping, e-commerce websites or mobile device websites. It is mobile friendly and responsive and can be customized as per your need. Both HTML5 and CSS3 technology is used to design this Ecommerce website.

5. Pet Shop

html5-templates (5)

This website template is designed for Pet shops and can be used by shop owners in their preferred styles. This template supports several sections for and revealing images in the website and gives a proper space where you can easily put your content about pets.

6. LifeTrackr

html5-templates (6)

LifeTrackr is template for shopping websites that has a unique and eye-catching design with gorgeous background that most of the clients like to have in their websites. It can be customized easily according to what is required for the website. It has a blurred background design which is very attractive.

7. Minima

html5-templates (7)

Minima HTML5 is an ideal template to use in Portfolio and Personal websites. It is designed with proper attention to details that are to be used in website design. This template is hand coded, well organized and is made with HTML5 and CSS3 codes. Color schemes and styles are perfectly designed to give the best experience.

8. Steam Music

html5-templates (8)

Steam Music is created for the purpose of Entertainment websites, corporate and non-corporate websites. It is responsive and is perfectly matched for your designing needs. The template has multiple pages with many customized features and uses HTML5 and CSS3 web technology. You can download it as a PSD file.

9. Runkeeper

html5-templates (9)

This web design template can be used in websites that have product display offers. It can be used in mobile app websites also. The style of this template is glossy but can be changed as needed. It has attractive background images and styles are in detail, you can download this template freely.

10. Pump

html5-templates (10)

This is a totally free responsive website template that you can use to show your products on the website. It has a unique web design and the layout is perfect for using as selling products website. Image space is large and content areas are properly organized to give proper presentation to the products.

11. iOS7 App

html5-templates (11)

iOS7 is a perfect template to showcase or start an iOS or android mobile app. You can market your products in a very attractive way with using this template. This template also offers slider that shows the screens of the apps that you are offering.

12. Craze

html5-templates (12)

Craze is a very trendy website template to showcase your products and service in a properly organized and attractive way. The template comes in three different color options including; Blue, Green and orange with many features and options that can be changed and modified also.

13. Flat

html5-templates (13)

This template is a very colorful and decent design that is very eye-catching and responsive. It is a multi-purpose web design with four sections including Blog, showcase etc. It is ideal for using in business and portfolio websites. Different sections include; Header, Call to Action, Recent Works, Meet the Team and contact us.

14. Game One

html5-templates (14)

This is an excellent template that has everything in it and you can also change theme element colors. It comprises of two layouts that are customizable and very easy to install. Full-width page, Left Sidebar Page and Contact page is already included in the theme. You can use it for any business or personal website.

15. Mobile

html5-templates (15)

This template comes with a proper typographic detail and every text can be easily read on every mobile screen size. Fonts are available through Google fonts and there is no fee for it. You can change the look of your site by modifying color CSS files.

16. Intent Flat

html5-templates (16) Intent is a template that is suitable for using in wedding websites. It comes with four pages which include Blog, Portfolio while you can also add map and contact details in it. It is very responsive and is compatible with three versions web, Smartphone and Mobiles. Design for this template depends on the compatibility of device.

17. SilverSlide

html5-templates (17)

SilverSlide is modern theme that is best for personal portfolio websites. It is perfect for designers, photographers, musicians that are passionate to add a personal touch to their website. Theme is available in two versions: multi-page and single-page. PHP version is also included to make editing easy.

18. Flat Rounded Square UI Kit

html5-templates (18) This template kit is a very unique and simple UI kit. Theme focuses on simplicity and due to which you can easily manage basic design principles while working flat. With this Kit, you can design an interactive and responsive interference and you can freely download this Kit to use for your design projects.

19. Hostcompare

html5-templates (19) Hostcopare is a cloud hosting template that has different features including; floating header, plan selection and price table. After choosing your hosting plan, you will get the price table. It can also be used through Smartphone mobiles so that you can have a reach to every visitor.

20. Limelight Download Gallery

html5-templates (20) This template can be used for starting a design resource website where icons, fonts and other resources can be provide for free download or purchase. It is a responsive web template and can be used for corporate websites, Photo gallery, Blogs etc.

21. Organic Corporate

html5-templates (21)

This is a free website PSD template that is designed to be used for a corporate site or can also be used for photo blogs. It is very important for business to have a good responsive website which is why corporate solution providers are demanded largely.

22. Agro Farm a Agriculture

html5-templates (22)

This template can be used by agro farms, agro product makers, agro vehicles and agriculture related products. Jquery slider has been used for web and mobile templates and it supports all major mobile phones.

23. Travel Media

html5-templates (23)

This is a travel guide template that can be used while starting a travel agency, tourism places, and guides or related. Responsive slider, lightbox plug-in is used for web and mobile templates and it supports all major smart phones and browsers.

24. Free I&Me Portfolio

html5-templates (24)

This template is built purely on HTML5 and CSS3. It includes all layered PSD files for each page in the template. The template contains font’s typography that is used through open web standards like Google fonts.

25. Enzyme

html5-templates (25)

This is a responsive and fresh template that can be customized according to your need. You can change the colour by specifying it in the color picker and the entire them color will be changed. You can freely download this template to use in your personal or commercial purposes.