25+ Best Personal WordPress Blog Themes

Blogs have progressed over the past few years in terms of theme options, plug-ins and styles. Personal blogs are very popular among the blogging community. Why personal blogs? As the name states, it is very helpful for all those people looking to make an entry in the online world of blogging. However, you should not think of it with a business perspective. Personal blogs are meant for fun and sharing designs, articles and daily life happenings with the entire world. Personal blogs give you an online existence while social media networks help you in receiving a great traffic. You can share photos, personal videos or share articles to earn some money through your personal blogs.

A good idea is to keep everything simple when you start your online presence for the first time. For this purpose, many themes are available on the internet and are designed for everyday needs. You can easily modify those themes from the option panel to make them suitable for your requirements. Therefore in today’s post, we are going to share free personal blogs themes that you can use to get into the blogging world. Web designers and developers can utilize from these themes for designing their personal blogs and professional websites. These themes are ideal for enhancing the outlook and experience of your website. Themes have become very famous in the personal blogging because of the minimalism and responsiveness.

All the themes are designed according to your project needs and client’s requirements so that your blog or website’s experience can be enhanced. Also, these themes are good because they will increase the standards of your website to the search engines. Majority of these themes can be used to make your personal blog attractive and admirable in the looks. The best thing about these themes is that they are SEO optimized, which means these themes will improve the popularity of your blog or website on the internet and so that more and more people know about it. I hope you find these themes to be a perfect match for your first blog!

1. Twenty Fourteen

personal-blog-themes (1)

2. DualShock

personal-blog-themes (2)

3. My Notes

personal-blog-themes (3)

4. Designpile

personal-blog-themes (4)

5. Sparkling

personal-blog-themes (5)

6. Almasi

personal-blog-themes (6)

7. Corpocrat

personal-blog-themes (7)

8. Sixteen

personal-blog-themes (8)

9. Asteria Lite

personal-blog-themes (9)

10. Sueva

personal-blog-themes (10)

11. Mixfolio

personal-blog-themes (11)

12. Clippy

personal-blog-themes (12)

13. Writr

personal-blog-themes (13)

14. Fullby

personal-blog-themes (14)

15. Inkness

personal-blog-themes (15)

16. Lukas

personal-blog-themes (16)

17. Isquar

personal-blog-themes (17)

18. Gridster Lite

personal-blog-themes (18)

19. Anew

personal-blog-themes (19)

20. Story

personal-blog-themes (20)

21. Xmas

personal-blog-themes (21)

22. Flounder

personal-blog-themes (22)

23. Time

personal-blog-themes (23)

24. Snaps

personal-blog-themes (24)

25. Paper

personal-blog-themes (25)

26. CollerAnge

personal-blog-themes (26)

27. PepMagazine

personal-blog-themes (27)

28. Virtue

personal-blog-themes (28)Personal blogs are your identity on the internet. Simple and well organized blog is always better than a fancy one. The entire collection above was created to help you out in choosing the best theme for your personal blog. All the themes are completely free and will suite perfectly with your daily need and requirement.  You will find plenty of WordPress themes on the internet, but most of them are designed with same default blog style.

It is acceptable if you are looking for the looks but, if you are looking for more than that, these themes will do it for you! Before leaving, please tell us which one did you liked the most? If you want to share more themes with us, simply comment in the below section.