High Resolution Funky Rainbow Wallpapers

Rainbow is the mixture of colours from red to violet that we often see after rainfall. The nature as we know has given mankind so much to love about it that we see a special revelation from it every day. Rainbow is surely one of nature’s pure gifts to mankind that represents its beauty. It has unique and soft colour combinations that are very appealing to human eyes. Due to this blend of bright colours, rainbows are fascinating to watch and if you can mix the colours correctly it can be applied to different web designs also which gives an enjoyable look to the site.

You can also use rainbow wallpaper in desktop background to make it joyful. If you are a web designer, you would probably know the importance of using textures and patterns in your artworks. They are used in almost every designing project in order to give the viewers a loving and friendly feel while you might find these happy and bright rainbow wallpapers necessary to use in the themes like; carnival, party etc.

Cool Rainbow Wallpaper

No matter how much we wish that may rainbow never lasts, it eventually fades away within few minutes of time and disappears from the sky entirely. But, one way to enjoy rainbows forever is most certainly on your computer and laptop screens as background wallpapers. Rainbow wallpapers make a blissful feeling when they are applied to any theme. They can produce some special colour assortments when used as textures for different images. With its powerful colours it can bring various emotions to any picture, and that is why it has been used by some of the most famous poets in the past as the background image of their cover pages. An imaginative artist could create gorgeous looking rainbow backgrounds that designers can use in as backgrounds in their sites. Here we are featuring few cool wallpapers which can be used as desktop background or in web design process.