Top 10 jQuery Image Carousel Plugins

In the web design community, jQuery carousel is an element that gives the visitors an easy and flexible way to access several content items. It is usually a scrolling list of the important items in a horizontal order where the previous and the next item are practically visible. The items that are considering of the HTML content images, videos can be easily scrolled back and forth to check whatever you like.

Using the sliding horizontal panels that are known as the carousels, it becomes one of the most powerful web design trends that the world has seen. It is an effective way to increase the traffic on the website and allow the visitors to get attached with the website. Therefore, in today article, we have collected some great jQuery carousel plug-in that you can use in your websites.

1. Banner Rotator


This is all-in-one advanced jQuery plug-in that comes in 5 different versions. It allows you to easily create powerful sliders with animated text using HTML standard tags. Some of the features include:

  • Responsive behavior
  • Full width version
  • Top right circle timer

The plug-in is available in USD $10.

2. 3D Carousel


This is a unique 3D carousel plug-in that is supported on iOS and Android. It also looks great on tablet. Here are some of the features for the plug-in:

  • Choose to auto spin the carousel.
  • Item captions are optional
  • Hyperlink is optional

The plug-in is available for USD $8.

3. Killer Carousel


This plug-ins is designed to meet the needs of professional developers who are looking for a responsive carousel. The touch-enable carousel has features such as:

  • Rendering modes
  • Touch enabled
  • Extra responsive

The plug-in is available to £29.

4. Evolution


This plug-in allows you to easily create powerful slider using HTML markup. The plug-in also provides an easy to use API which allows enhancing the functions. Features include:

  • Create up-to 9 different styles
  • Configurable Images
  • Automatically create the shadow effect

The plug-in is available in USD $4.

5. LayerSlider


This plug-in is perfect for creating image galleries, content sliders, and great slideshows that have awesome effects. Some of the features include:

  • SEO friendly
  • Responsive mode
  • Youtube and Vimeo videos

The plug-in is available in USD $10.

6. Sky


This plug-in is responsive and can be easily integrated in your projects. You can easily customize the plug-in with the help of plug-in options and CSS. Features include:

  • Supports multiple instances
  • Uses CSS3 transitions
  • Supports internet explorer 7 and 8

The plug-in is available for USD $10.

7. PhotoStore Minimal


This plug-in is designed to provide great usability and functionality. It has very little use of JavaScript. Some of the features include:

  • Template is tested with major browsers
  • Valid HTML and CSS
  • jQuery Carousel

The plug-ins is available for USD $5.

8. TouchCarousel


This plug-in is mobile friendly and very small in size. It can be used as carousel, banner rotator, and image gallery. Some of the features are:

  • Touch navigation
  • Paging and free scroll mode
  • Fast, hardware accelerated

The plug-in is available for USD $10.

9. jCoverflip


This is a very powerful plug-in that you can use in your websites. You can present your content elegantly and cleanly. Some of the features include:

  • Easy installation
  • Ready to use
  • Flexible integration

The plug-in can be freely downloaded from the website.

10. Advanced jQuery Carousel


This plug-in is powerful and allows you to arrange the set of images in a carousel layout. Some of the features for the plug-in include:

  • Supports both HTML markup and XML
  • Auto Scroll supported
  • Fully customizable

The plug-in is available for USD $6.


All of these plug-in are great and provide a great attractiveness to your website among the visitors. The trend is becoming very popular so you should make sure that you are using the jQuery plug-in on your website. I hope you found the post useful. Please comment below to share your thoughts.