Useful Parallax JavaScript Tutorials and Plugins

There is no use of having a unique and attractive website when it doesn’t attracts enough customers to the site. Websites that attract a good amount of traffic can help a lot in increasing the revenues and profits for the company or person. Brand will automatically get more and more consumers by giving them the best user experience. There are only two reasons for which the customers are attracted towards your website; either your website has the content that they want, or the web design is very attractive.

Now, the first reason that consists of having a website that contains of necessary information needed by the consumer can lead the website to a dull look. Although it sounds good to many visitors that are looking to read the content but, what about them who wish to see attractive design content? There is no doubt that content will be the only thing what’s important to the visitor but it has to be displayed in a very attractive manner in order to give a unique look. This is the only reason why plenty of websites are using Parallax web designs on their websites.

Parallax design is becoming very popular in the web design industry and designers all around the world are consistently working to create new styles. Parallax in web design is referred to as a scrolling technique that is used to create the illusion of depth. It is not a new concept but, it has surely started to gain much popularity these days. Moreover, parallax scrolling plug-ins offers you an ultimate experience for the browsing through beautiful effects and fast loading time. With this, you can save plenty of minutes of browsers that it takes to connect.

Parallax designs are becoming so much popular that many companies have started to introduce tutorials for learning everything about parallax design. You can now learn all the important techniques in order to make your website out of the box. Therefore in this post, we are going to share some of the best Parallax plug-ins and tutorials for your inspirations so that you can learn everything about the parallax web design. Enjoy!

Parallax jQuery Tutorials

1.Create A Funky Parallax Background Effect Using jQuery


In this tutorial, you will use the jQuery to take a horizontal scrolling website and add a parallax scrolling background effect of 2D platform games. This is a very useful tutorial for everyone who wants to learn.

2.One Page Website, Vertical Parallax


This is a very interesting jQuery tutorial. In this tutorial, you will learn to create an awesome looking website through using the jQuery and CSS. For this purpose, jQuery library has been used in order to create a beautiful single page portfolio. This kind of portfolio websites is very popular these days.

3.Fluid CSS3 Slideshow With Parallax Effect


In this tutorial, you will learn to create a slideshow with a parallax effect using different CSS3 properties. The purpose for this tutorial is to move the background positions of the two backgrounds and slide the container of the slides.

4.Parallax Content Slider With CSS3 And jQuery


This is a very interesting tutorial in which you will learn to create simple parallax content slider with several animations for the each slider element. Also, you will learn to create a unique background parallax effect.

5.A Simple Parallax Scrolling Technique


Parallax scrolling is a very useful and interesting method in which when you scroll, the background images translate slower than the content. This creates a unique illusion of 3D depth. In this tutorial, you will learn this technique through great examples.

6.Create a Parallax Scrolling Website Using Stellar.js


Parallax scrolling effect is very popular among all the websites. This tutorial teaches you how to create the similar effect on your website through the help of little imagination and some help from the Stellar.js.

7.Animated Header Background


This is very helpful tutorial for everyone who wishes to learn something new for the parallax web design. In this tutorial, you will learn in proper detail about how to create your very own parallax background effect using the jQuery. It will manage the animation aspects of the banner which you can use for the header background.

8.Nikebetterworld Parallax Effect


You would have surely seen the Nike website that has a unique looking parallax effect. In this tutorial, you will learn the original jQuery Parallax script in order to create a webpage that is exactly similar to as the Nikebetterworld.

9.Parallax Gallery



This tutorial teaches you how to create a Flash parallax scrolling gallery from the scratch and start. Parallax scrolling is mostly used for 2D animations in the games in which the background images and the foreground images scroll in a different pace. This creates an illusion of the depth while the background images are moving slower than the images which are on the foreground.

Parallax jQuery Plugins



This is a very useful plug-in for your websites background. It will animate when the user will scroll. The plug-in will automatically fix everything so that it works effortlessly. This is a jQuery plug-in that is more effective than any other plug-in created for giving the user a proper experience.



This is a very powerful and lightweight plug-in for jQuery through which you can move in the horizontal with a parallax effect while you are scrolling down. The installation is very easy and requires no kind of configurations from your side.



This plug-in reacts according to the movement of your smart phone devices. However if you don’t have a smart device or a motion detection hardware, parallax.js will use the position of your cursor to move.



This is a jQuery 3D parallax plug-in that animates your objects in 3D. That is also what parallax is all about. The objects in the background are moving less while the objects closer to the viewer are moving more. This way it creates a 3D image in front of the viewer which looks perfect and unique.



This is designer friendly plug-in which requires no JavaSccript. It is based on simple CSS and HTML. Skrollr is a complete scrolling animation library. It is more than parallax scrolling and gives the visitors an eye catching environment.



This is a very powerful plug-in that you can use on your websites. Superscrollorama is a fantastic controller that is used for the animation. You can add timelines to it in order to target when the elements will appear in the viewpoint or at the specific scroll point.



This plug-in is absolutely wonderful. It turns the nodes into well positioned layers which can than move according to the response of the mouse. It depends on the dimension that how these layers will move in different rates.



Fractionslider is a very popular and powerful jQuery plug-in for the images, text-sliders. It gives you the complete freedom to animate the multiple elements per slide. You can set animation methods such as transition or fade. It has also many options in order to specify delays and ease for the every element. Full control on the layout and design is available through HTML and CSS.



Layer slider is among the most advanced responsive jQuery slider plug-ins that uses the parallax effect and optional 3D transition. You can even use the layerslider for creating unique looking image slideshows, banner rotator or content slider for your site.

19.Slider Revolution


This is very interesting and very useful parallax plug-in for your website. This plug-in has plenty of features such as unique transition effects, image pre-loader, video embedding, auto-play that is stops with the user interaction. Also, it has many easy to create options through which you can create your very own effects. You can all the customization through jQuery, HTML5 and with the CSS. This plug-in can make you website stand out from the crowd.


Parallax web design is among the biggest trends that we have seen this year. All these tutorials and plug-ins will surely help you to create unique and attractive websites. I hope you like them. If you like to share anything, please comment in the below section.