15 Best Photoshop Background Tutorials

It is very important to add a unique and attractive background in any banner, graphics or ads. If you manage to get the right theme for your design such as; an abstract art, vector or texture pattern you can make your art look more beautiful and appealing. Unique background images can make your message look more believable to the audience and if you are a web designer then you would probably know the meaning of a catchy background image. Textures can prove to be very useful assets for the graphic designers and can contribute in making some unique background images in the Adobe Photoshop as well. You can create stunning backgrounds such as; Waves Background, Colorful Disco Lines, or you can create smoky effects in the background through Photoshop tools.

Best Photoshop Background Tutorials

Backgrounds always add something new and exciting in the images and when you create them in the Adobe Photoshop with different tools, they can bring a new life to the art or the design. Today we are sharing some cool and abstract photoshop background tutorials.

Abstract Summer Illustration

This tutorial will guide you to create an Abstract Summer Illustration by using Adobe Photoshop tools. Several drawing techniques are being used to create it including the Pen tool and blending options.
Photoshop Background Tutorials

Enhancing Your Portraits with Textures

In the following tutorial, you will quickly a Photoshop skill that is enhancing your Portraits with textures. Two textures are used for this purpose; Grunge textures and Bleached Paper textures.
Photoshop Background Tutorials

3. Windows Vista Aurora Effect

In this Photoshop tutorial, you can learn to create an eye catching graphics that is shown off on the box of windows vista and also in some of its wallpapers known as the Vista Aurora effect.
Windows Vista Aurora Effect

4. Create Brilliant Light Streaks

Following tutorial will show you a very simple technique to create brilliant light streaks that can be used in several ways to add motion in designing through Adobe Photoshop tools.
Create Brilliant Light Streaks

5. Simple Tricks to Enhance Your Textures

In this Adobe Photoshop tutorial, you are going to learn 5 very easy tricks that you can use in order to enhance your textures when using Adobe Photoshop tools.Photoshop Background Tutorials

6. Making an Abstract Art Piece

In this following tutorial, you will learn to create an abstract artwork in the Adobe Photoshop using abstract 3D renders, textures and some other simple and basic techniques.
Making of an Abstract Art Piece

7. Abstract Background Tutorials

Following Adobe Photoshop tutorial will guide you on how to make a simple and unique Abstract Background using some basic techniques in the Adobe Photoshop tools.
Abstract Background Photoshop Tutorials

8. Abstract Airbrushing

This tutorial will guide you in how to make stunning abstract bursts of light for your renders. If you know little about abstract brushing then it will be very easy for you.
Abstract Airbrushing Photoshop Tutorials

9. Create a Trendy Background

By following this simple Adobe Photoshop tutorial technique, you will learn to create some unique trendy backgrounds (texture) effects by the help of brush strokes.
Create trendy background in photoshop

10. Chilling Abstract Using Photos and Textures

This tutorial will guide you step by step to make something frightening in the Adobe Photoshop. You will learn to create an abstract scene that features a creepy flaming tree-woman, isn’t it exciting?
Abstract Photoshop Background Tutorials

11. Unique Texture without using Brushes

In this Adobe Photoshop tutorial, you can learn to quickly add a little extra to your dull textures and you will learn to do it without the use of brushes.
Photoshop Background Tutorials

12. Creating a Mac-Type Background

In the following Photoshop tutorial, you are going to learn to make a textured red background and using Photoshop tools to add a unique designing aspect.
Creating a Mac-Type Background in Photoshop

13. 5 Awesome Techniques for Using Textures

With this Adobe Photoshop tutorial you can learn 5 exciting techniques for using textures effects in your designs and utilizing them in different ways.
Photoshop Background Tutorials

14. Creating Bokeh Textures

This Photoshop tutorial will guide you to create a bokeh texture by using either digital camera or through the Adobe Photoshop tools.
Creating Bokeh Textures Tutorial

15. Apply Texture, Age, and Weathering Effects

This Adobe Photoshop tutorial will help you to use the latest Machine Wash Deluxe plug-in in a professional quality texture, aging and the weathering effects.
Photoshop Background Tutorials

16. Take My Soul Away

In the following Adobe Photoshop tutorial, you will learn to extract any object from a white background and then create with the help of brushes, create unique effects.