10 Useful Prestashop Modules 2014

Prestashop is an excellent e-commerce solution for majority of the medium size businesses. In addition, it is freely available for downloading. It has plenty of features for online shopping platforms such as WordPress/WooCommerce. It has a very lightweight code that is unlike other industrial solutions such as Magento.

It comes with all useful modules that you would expect from an excellent e-commerce solution. It has the ability to handle multi-currency, or multi-language easily. There are plenty of modules that are freely available to implement on your online stores.

But, you will find that majority of these free Prestashop modules don’t have the flexibility that you want. So, in that case you will need some useful Prestashop modules that are premium and released in 2014. Below are top 10 Prestashop modules that will provide you best e-commerce solution. I hope you like them!

1. Madhai


Madhai is a responsive mega menu module built for Prestashop. It allows the back office users to build a complex and simple mega-menu. It is dependent on Bootstrap 3 so, it is suitable only for Prestashop themes built on Bootstrap 3. Features include:

  • Animation on dropdown.
  • Flexible 12 column grid.
  • 50+ animation effect in dropdown.

The module is available for USD $15.

2. T-shirt Design


This module is used for designing or customizing T-shirts. It allows customers to design the t-shirt (front and back) according to their needs. Customers can add text, number, or logo by different colors. Features include:

  • Design can be reset.
  • Shoppers can view customized products.
  • Change the color, size, and style of text or number.

This module is available for USD $25.

3. FINALmenu


This module has different menu layouts, and has a separate view for mobile and desktop. It allows you to easily create tab view by drag and drop blocks. The module also includes 378 icons available by default and a touch friendly slider. Some of the features are:

  • Tab builder.
  • Custom JS and CSS.
  • Color options.

The module is available for USD $14.

4. Easy Cart


Easy cart is the combination of all the necessary functions that are required to assist consumers to make purchases in your store. The module is easy to install and configure. The module is responsive and provides best e-commerce experience. Features are:

  • Ability to remove/hide any field in the registration.
  • Ability to make a pop-up registration.
  • Opportunity to position registration fields.

The module is available for USD $18.

5. Facebook Likebox Slider


This is a popular social slider plugin for prestashop. It offers a 3 click configuration and excellent tab designs. With so many features, it provides you an easy way to get more shares, more traffic, and more fans. Some of the features include:

  • Live preview.
  • Content in only loaded when required.
  • Multi tabs layout (small, medium, and round)

The module is available for USD $17.

6. Product Inline Editor


This Prestashop module allows you to edit your product in front office. It becomes very easy to manage your catalog when you can see the changes directly in your template. This module can be used for all kinds of stores. You can edit fields such as names, stock and price, short description, and reference etc. Some of the features are:

  • Image uploader.
  • Allows Multi-language.
  • Allows Multi-stores.

This module is available for USD $18.

7. Catalog CSV


This module offers you tool for exporting your catalog. With this module, you can easily check your inventory in excel or any other spreadsheet. Also, you can keep a record of your stocks, and receive regular emails for your stock to validate your actual stock. Only some of the features include:

  • Allows you to generate a CSV file.
  • You can define as many export models as you want.
  • Excellent documentation and support.

The module is available for USD $16.

8. Advance Product List


This module enhances the Prestashop product list, which allow you to edit products and features quickly. You can also add new cells to show unit profit and stock coverage of all the products in the product list. Some of the features include:

  • Sort and filter by column.
  • Show stock coverage.
  • Edit price by % or absolute.

The module is available for USD 18.

9. Welutions Friendly URLs


This module allows you to create SEO friendly URLs for your store. URLs include product, categories, CMS pages, manufactures and suppliers. This module helps you store to be viewed on the top of search engine pages by removing the dynamic ID from the URLs. Some of the features are:

  • Helps in generating potential traffic.
  • Ability to improve the rank of your store.
  • Easy to install.

This module is available for USD $14.

10. Presta Social


This module manages a social networking tab and calculates the number of fun from all the networks automatically. It can be customized easily with a CSS3 effect. It also allows you to choose from 10 possible positions. Some of the features include:

  • Includes Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus, and Pintrest.
  • Social tab for Prestashop.
  • Nice rotation effect CSS3.

This module is available for USD $15.


All these Prestashop modules for online store will allow you to customize the functionality, feel and look of your store. You can modify each and every corner of your online business. Majority of these modules are compatible with the latest version of Prestashop however, if there is any module that is not updated, you can contact the developer to check the status.

I hope you found these Prestashop modules to be useful for your online store. If you think we have missed some new modules, feel free to share them with us by simply commenting below.