15 Best Theme Demo Bar Switcher Plugins

If you are selling wordpress themes, then it is very important for you to make sure that you are providing a live preview of the theme.  Customer don’t want to view the pictures of the theme, instead they want to use the theme that they are purchasing.

Therefore, to make the live preview of theme possible for the customer, you need a WordPress theme demo bar. Theme demo bar is a plugin for wordpress that allows any wodrpess theme to be previewed without activating it. A demo bar is shown on the top of page that allows the user to preview another theme.

Theme demo bar can be customized from the admin panel. You can also load more than 1 extra CSS files. These plugins are suitable for designers that want to show demo of their all themes. So in today’s post, we have managed to create a top collection of WordPress plugins that will allow you to create eye catching demo bars.

These plugins will help you to further sell your themes and grab the attention of potential buyers. All of these demo bar switcher plugins are fast, stylish and user friendly, and will work perfect on the all the major browsers. Enjoy!

1. JP Theme Switcher Bar


2. Superbar


3. IJM Theme Switcher Bar


4. Toolbar Theme Switcher


5. FBar


6. WordPress Theme Demo Bar


7. theme-selector


8. Front End Theme Switcher


9. Matty Theme QuickSwitch


10. jonradio Multiple Themes


11. The WordPress Bar


12. WP Theme Changrr Connector


13. Xilitheme select


14. Floating Theme List


15. UserAgent Theme Switcher



If you want your wordpress site to look fantastic, or if you want to promote your themes, this is the plugin that you should be using. You can show your WordPress themes, HTML5 templates, or Joomla templates with these plugins.

I hope you found the post useful. Please share it with others as well. If you like to add any other theme demo bar switcher plugin, leave a comment below.