10 Best Free Web Screenshot Websites to Take a Screen Capture Online

Taking screenshots of web sites is very common on the internet and especially if you have blog or you work as a journalist. Taking a screenshot from a web page and instantly uploading it to your own blog can result in improving the conversation rate of your blog or website. There are plenty of websites available that allow you to freely capture a screenshot and thumbnail.

In this article, we are going to share some best free web screenshot websites that allow you to capture a screen from any web page. You can then save them as full sized images and upload to your site. These websites support different output formats including JPG, PNG, and GIF.

1. Screen Capture – CTRLQ


This tool will allow you to capture screenshot image of any public web page with a click. There is no software needed. Simply paste the URL of web page in the input box and hit the ‘Screen Capture’ button. You can capture 10 screenshots per hour.

2. Picoshot


Picoshot offer an excellent screen capture tool with no limits. You can request as many as you want. It’s completely free from watermarks. You can also select inside pages. The default size for a thumbnail is of 120×90.

3. Web Capture


Web capture allows you to capture a full web page screenshot. Simply submit your link and it will convert it to JPG, PDF, etc. You can also download the picture as a zip file. You don’t need to download and install anything; the whole process takes place online. The screenshots taken are in the highest quality as well.

4. Fireshot


Fireshot integrates with major web browsers and captures web pages entirely providing the highest quality output results. You can capture a screenshot or just a visible part of the web page. It includes an editor for quickly resizing, cropping, and highlighting the desired elements.

5. Thumboo


Thumboo allows you to display high quality website thumbnails on your site with very easy to drag and drop PHP or Java code. Simply enter the URL of the page that you want to generate, choose a size, copy and paste the code. The site caches for fast loading.

6. Websnapr


Websnapr gives you a simple way to capture screenshots of any web page you want. It helps you in allowing your visitors to instantly visualize any web page before clicking it. This will also be helpful in increasing the site traffic, click-through rate, and the visitors will stick to your site for a longer time period.

7. Bitpixel


Bitpixel allows you to take a picture of any URL that you want, and save it as a thumbnail page. You can get unlimited thumbnails on monthly basis. Simply copy and paste URL in the box and see it working. It runs on Google cloud for providing you a fast and reliable thumbnail with the highest quality.

8. Thumbshots


Thumbshots provide you a fully automated website previews. Integrating thumbshots in your website enables your users to instantly visualize any web page before navigating to the website. It claims to have the fastest capture time possible for taking screenshots.

9. Webpagescreenshot


It is a Google chrome extension that will allow you to take screenshots of the entire web page with a click of a button. You can easily save, edit, and share screenshots with your friends instantly and you can also change the resolution, and write comments on it.

10. Ducklink


Ducklink is a web screenshot tool for MAC that allows you to capture window or region on your screen, or the contents of a large web page that scrolls. It also allows you to change your captured areas or include more areas to one image, and add annotations.


I hope that you found these websites useful. You can increase your website or blog traffic with the help of these tools. Simply capture a screen of the latest happening and upload it freely. If you like to share any other website, please leave a comment below.


  • Dominic Skinner

    There is also GrabzIt http://grabz.it which provides a much more flexible screenshot service than many of these choices, able to create image, pdf and animated gif screenshots, with features like custom watermarks.