5 Best Online Speed Test Websites

Online Speed or Internet connection speed refers to the data transfer rate from the internet to your computer. It is calculated by the amount of time it takes your computer to download given amount of data. There are plenty of websites that claim to tell you the true online speed of your broadband connection. But, only few of these websites deliver the true accurate results.

However, there are several good websites that are trusted in providing you the most accurate results because they are run by experienced professionals. So if you want to check your internet connection speed, here are the best online speed test websites.

1. SpeedTest


This is one of the most popular sites for broadband testing and analysis. The website has a unique interface and a beautiful digital map of world. You can select the closest server for running the test. It will also check for powerboost, which is used by some broadband companies for giving a boost while downloading.

It has an easy to remember domain name. SpeedTest also offers an iPhone app to check your iPhone internet speed. If you are curious about the performance of your internet connection, this is recommended service to use. You can also share and compare your results with others near you, or around the globe.

2. Speed.io


Speed.io is a modern DSL speed test that will analyze your broadband internet access. If you think your internet connection is too slow, or if you just want to check how fast it is speed.io is a perfect tool for you. It allows you to check your internet speed worldwide.

Speed.io measures your current internet speed to the server that is closest to you. It will test your download speed, upload speed, connection, and ping. All tests are performed within your browsers over HTTP and require no software installation.

3. Wire Speed Test


Wire Speed will tell you how fast your computer can load a webpage from the website. It will not measure the speed of your ISP connection, but the speed at which the page is received and appears in your browser. The website has a very nice style and interface.

One thing that some people might not like about the website is that, it doesn’t ask from you before running the test. As soon as you land on the website, it will run speed test. It performs the task quickly however; it also depends on how fast your connection is.

4. Speedof.me


SpeedOf.Me tests your internet connection by directly downloading and uploading the sample files from your browser. Speedof.me will reflect your actual browsing/download experience. There is no flash or Java needed for it, and the service works via HTML5.

This gives a higher level of accuracy than other speed tests. Speedof.me provides a real-time bandwidth graph with a user friendly style. The website utilizes 40 servers around the world and your internet speed test will run from the quickest and most reliable on in the given time period. It’s a different and fun experience to try!

5. Thinkbroadband


This speedtester uses the Adobe Flash Player for testing your online speed. The website asks you to enter the postcode and select the ISP before running the test. The data is used for helping map broadband speeds and rate the performance of ISPs.

Think broadband delivers two different downloading results, one is the burst speed and other one is the average speed. The burst speed shows the maximum speed achieved by checking a small section of test. It also allows you to share the results with your service provider to help troubleshoot problems or improve the services.


All these websites are trusted in providing you accurate results. I hope you will found these sites useful. Please share if you liked the post. Comment if you want to share anything!