10 Best iPhone Apps for Designers

Despite having a strong competition from the Android apps, the iPhone continues to be the first choice for design world. Designers always welcome those tools that can make their work easy. I know these tools are installed in your laptops and desktops but, imagine if you are outside and want to edit couple of lines to the code? Or you saw an idea and want to capture it instantly?

This is the time when iPhone apps will come handy. It doesn’t matter if you want to sketch on the move or if you want a perfect app to help you in your daily routine. These 10 best iPhone apps for designers will help you in managing your projects, time and money!

1. Fuzel Collage


This app lets you combine ordinary photos into share worthy moments. It has plenty of features such as smooth user interface, through which you can combine photos and add effects, or write captions. Fuzel imports images and beautifully places them to make a fit within chosen frame.

You can then easily tap on any photo and pinch to resize, realign, or add plenty of filters from different frames and borders. The app is freely available to download.

2. Doodle Buddy


Doodle buddy let’s you paint, scribble, and sketch. You can finger paint with your favorite color and drop playful stamps. It allows you to connect with a friend and draw together over internet. The app has plenty of playful backgrounds and stamps.

It has 40,000 colors to choose from, and you can apply them in the form of paintbrush, chalk, and text etc. The app also has an option to switch between freehand drawing and stencil. Text tools with resizable text and four fonts are also included. The app is free to download.

3. Ruler Plus


Ruler Plus is a powerful application that provides you with a basic 7 cm (2 inch) ruler that allows you to take measurements easily and quickly. This app also allows you to extend the ruler. Just move your iPhone or iPod to the right and press the ‘+’ button to create an extended ruler. The app supports centimeters (millimeters) and inches. It is freely available to download.

4. Layers


Layers app is a media painting app that is built on the feedback of mobile artists. It allows you to add up to five layers to each drawing. You can add a layer from your photo and trace your subject, or use the eraser tool to remove parts of one layer and reveal details of the beneath.

Layers allow you to position and scale photos you add and see how they will appear on the top of your existing work. The app is available in USD $4.99.

5. PicLab HD


This app allows you to create beautiful photos by adding text, artwork, light leaks, textures, and grains etc. to your photos. You will love the included collection of fonts from designers around the world. PicLab comes with plenty of illustrations and design elements.

The app has 10 beautiful filters to choose from. Also a huge collection of dynamic photo frames is included, with the ability to adjust their color. The app is available for USD $1.99.

6. Adobe Ideas


This app provides you the freedom to draw vector illustrations wherever you are. Replace your pen and paper with virtual canvas, customizable brushes, and sensitive stylus support. It has up to 10 drawing layers including a photo layer for each sketch.

You can also share your designs to other applications such as Behance and Photoshop Touch. It includes a paint bucket tool that allows you to quickly apply color, and eraser tool to refine your vector sketch. The app is available freely available to download.

7. Adobe Kuler


Adobe Kuler is a simple way to capture inspiring color combinations. Simply point your iPhone camera at something and this app will instantly remove a series of colors. You can share themes with your friends through Facebook, Twitter, and email.

You can choose and adjust your color themes with its color wheel. It has 5 pre-set color moods in camera mode, and 8 pre-set color themes in the color wheel. The app is free to download.

8. Photochop


This app allows you to break up your photos into tiles then nudge, scale, rotate and delete the tiles to create an artistic photocollages. You can also use the warp mode to make pictures look weird. Once done, save your creations to your camera and share on Instagram, Facebook etc. This app is available in USD $0.99.

9. Repix


Repix is more than just a photo editor. This app is a creative tool that lets you turn the ordinary photos into masterpieces. You can use the brushes to freely edit your photos with the stunning effects and apply some of the most beautifully designed filters and borders.

The app has 28 handcrafted effect brushes to edit and part of your photo with a finger. It also includes 16 filters, and 11 beautiful frames. It has a smooth cropping tool with 6 presets. Repix allows you to share your photos on Facebook, Instagram etc. It is available for free.

10. Path on


With path on, you can use crazy fonts to decorate your pictures with words, quotes, and lyrics. Simply draw a line with your finger and your text will appear along the line. There are 300 fonts with the ability to adjust size, alignment, and letter spacing. The app is available for USD $1.99.


I hope you found something useful from the above list. Share the article with others as well. These iPhones apps are an extension to the workflow of every designer. Please let me know about your favorite iPhone application that completely changed the way you design. Leave a comment to share your answers.