10+ Top Online Geek Store

Online shopping is considered very exciting because, you can find and buy any tool or gadget that you think of but there are not much websites that offer you such services. Geek shopping is well thought-out as a lack of realism by many but, for those it’s the perfect gift that you can give to your geek friends or even to yourself.

Best Online Geek Store

Geek presents are so unique because, they give different modifying options in order to create a personal touch with the users. It can be bit difficult and time consuming to find a exact geek present that you were looking for especially on the sales where thousands of people are waiting in line to get in the shops and search for their geek present. It can be somewhat intimidating for many people to face this kind of crowd in order to purchase. That is why rather than searching every mall to find out what you were looking for, you should check out these featured geek stores below from which you can find almost any geek present that you can think of in very reasonable prices.

1. Think Geek

Geek Shop

Think Geek is a place purely for geek lovers where they can find out the latest geek trends and show their love by buying the stuff. Think Geek has everything whether it is technology, T-shirts with funny signs, home and office accessories or some really strange gadgets. If you have searched for your geek present and couldn’t find it anywhere, then try Think Geek and you would surely get what you wish for.

2. Meninios

Meninos Geek Shop

Meninios is a small geek loving website that offers simple and cool geek gifts that anyone can think of. Meninios offer different geek categories including; Kitchen, home door, office, bath and body etc. You can find so many geek gadgets such as mugs and placements, funky iPhone cases and various 8-bit designs. You will surely find that very geek present that you are looking for everywhere but haven’t found it yet.

3. Firebox


Firebox offers you with tons of geek present from which you can choose the one that you think is perfect for you. The site is properly organized with different categories including; gadgets, clothing, toys, games, art etc. You can easily find a geek gift for your friends or for yourself. It has a facility of Firebox 50 that offers the coolest products that you can buy.

4. ParamountZone


Paramount Zone Geek Shop

ParamounZone offers a selection of most up-to-date and desirable geek items that you can imagine of. There are thousands of products to choose from including; shower radio, projection clocks, mp3 players, electric cigarettes, mug warmers, popcorn makers etc. You can choose your favorite geek present from an advanced collection of accessories and save your time in going to a mall for searching and spend time in enjoying it.

5. Gifts


Gifts.com has ample amounts of gifts to offer to everyone. It has a feature called “Filter” that assists you in making your decision faster by showing those options in which you are interested in shopping. The top 10 ideas list on the website provide you the up-to-date gifts idea that can help you to decide what present you want to give to your geek friends. Gifts give different inspirations and tips so that you don’t get clueless about any gadget that you see on the website.

6. Treat Him


TreatHim is a site that is totally dedicated to ladies. You can find exceptional gifts for men and the service of delivering them quickly as well. There are thousands of gifts to choose from for your husband, dad, your boyfriend and everyone that you love. There are different custom-made gifts including; travel mugs, jewellery for men, cufflinks, sweets and drinks etc. or even a romantic gift to your husband. Choose the perfect gift that you want and deliver it with just one click.

7. IWantOneOfThose


IWOOT (IWantOneOfThose) is filled with unique gadgets that are practical and cool in look and function. The categories from which you can choose your favorite geek present include; Electronics, Kitchenware, Home accessories, entertainment and gifts etc. You can get different gift ideas for men, kids and women’s. You can also find some special gifts for different occasions such as Mothers day, Father’s Day etc. Different unique presents can also be purchased on sales through IWOOT website.

8. Prezzybox


Prezzybox.com is an exciting website for geek lovers. It has different new ideas and gifts for everyone. Whether you want to give a gift to your Mom, Dad, brother sister, buddy or anyone else, prezzybox has gifts for all of them. Some of the unique gifts that it offers include; Electronic Cigarette, Chocolate Pizza, Addictaball Maze etc. Prezzybox makes it easier to find perfect gifts for your loved ones.

9. Cygnett


Cygnett is perfect place for geek lovers that love technology and other related stuff. It offers unique and imaginative accessories that have both style and material. Cygnett offers phone cases of almost every major mobile phone brand such as; iPhone, Samsung, HTC etc. Accessories at Cygnett include; Charger, Bluetooth, Screen Protectors, stylus etc. It gives a proper mechanism for the digital world lovers.

10. Adafruit


Adafruit is a website for electronic geeks; you can find small electronic stuff with which you can create robot-like projects that are suitable for all ages. There are different product categories offering unique tools and gadgets for electronic geeks and a tutorial section for the beginners that help them to know about any product they find on the website and want to purchase it.

11. Photojojo


Photojojo is a geek website that offers different attachments to your iPhone camera which results in churn out pictures having different effects. You can also find various handy tripods and their cases among different colorful lenses that are specially designed for iPhones.