Best Parallax Scrolling Website Templates

Parallax web design or more commonly known as the Parallax scrolling is one of the biggest trends that web industry has seen in the past few years. It is a special scrolling technique that can be easily used in many ways. It simply shows the depth in 2D and makes several elements to look like they are animated.

Plenty of websites have started to use this technique on their sites because it allows the users to stay on the website for a longer period of time due and look on the beauty of the website. Therefore in today’s post, we are going to share some of the best parallax templates that will give your website a great touch and creativity. Here is the list!



Identiq is a grid based single page template for photo studio, freelancers, and business. This template is perfect portfolio for showcasing your work with multiple sliders and scrolling effects. Template is retina display and will look perfect on your websites.

2.Surreal Studio


This template is very good looking. Surreal template is an easy to use one page parallax template that has lot of great features. It is designed to make your website look unique and also can be easily customized.



Encore is a very fast and super sleek single page product showcase template that allows your product or application to be noticed by all the visitors. It boasts a full screen homepage, fancy lightbox, parallax backgrounds, and a blog.

4.Crea WP


Crea WP is a flash like WordPress premium template. It has the power of HTML5 through which it brings good looking transitions between the home pages. It has very good parallax backgrounds and 2 good looking sliders.

5.Pen and Paper


Pen and paper is a fully responsive, scrolling one page template that is stylish, black and white design. It is great for using in personal sites and portfolios.



Core is a responsive single page template that is best for selling. You can use it for your business purposes. Quickly publish portfolio, business information, images galleries, beauty salons, fitness etc.



SCRN is a fully responsive parallax HTML template that is perfect for using in promotion of your work or your business. It is easy compatible with all of your mobile devices.

8.Studio Point


Studio point is a parallax and fully responsive retina ready template that is perfect for using in creative portfolio and corporate base website. it also looks perfect on the desktop, tablet, mobile device.

9.Kutcher Studio


This is a very interesting template for photostudio, creative, or business purposes. It is simply a portfolio that allows you to showcase your work with full screen slider and parallax scrolling effect.



Aura is very stylish and unique fully responsive HTML5 website template that has the layout built with Bootstrap framework. It will look perfect on your websites that are for the business purposes.



Ego is a very unique and fully responsive parallax template that is filled with great features and attraction. It is the perfect template for the freelancers or small businesses and small design studios that are looking to showcase their work with a unique style.



This template will help you to create a unique website that will help you in promoting and selling your next big application. This template provides your site the punch that it needs so that everyone can notice it.


All the above parallax templates are perfect for your small businesses and everyone who is looking to create a unique website that can sell with attraction. Parallax web design simply refers to the scrolling technique that is used in order to create the illusion of the depth. If you are looking to create your own website through which you can sell your products than all these templates are perfect for you. These templates will make it sure that your visitors are attached for a longer period of time.

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