5 Best PHP Editors For Mac

Coding editors can be of great help to your development process. Finding a good PHP editor for Mac on the web can be time consuming because, a good software will encourage you while a bad one tear your project into pieces. There are many features that a good editor will provide you to make your work faster and easier such as; finding your typing mistakes quickly. For those who are looking for a useful code editor for Mac, here are some best PHP editors for Mac that we have featured for you. Some are free while some charge premium amount.

1. Espresso

Espresso is an excellent choice for the web developers and designers. It offers some unique features that accelerate your work. Day-to-day edits can be done speedily with its wide range of language support, contextual completions, powerful smart snippets and Zen actions. You can also overcome complex documents with its navigation and code folding. It has a built-in CSS edit 3 for Mac. You can see real time update on your WebPages with live styling. You can carefully visualize and inspect your layouts and make changes to your server with Sync or Quick Publish. You can download a demo version or you can buy it for USD $75.

PHP Editors For Mac

2. Tumult HyperEdit

Tumult HyperEdit is a HTML editor that allows you to preview the webpage live as you type. You can use it write forum, blog or journal entries. With a live preview, you can save your time in the overall process of web page creation. It has many feature including; Live HTML W3C-based validation that will red-underline any mistakes, a large collection of colors and option to save favorite colors, viewing of HTML source code generated by PHP engine etc. The rendering engine that is used is same as Safari which makes it generally faster than others. You can use HyperEdit tool in a very reasonable amount of USD $25. It can also be used for twenty times without registration.

3. SkEdit

SkEdit is a HTML editor for your Mac that makes it easy to create and maintain your website. You can edit different files from it including; Ruby, SQL, PHP, HTML and CSS. With its outstanding features like; code hinting, code folding, FTP/SFTP Integration and subversion Integration. You can easily Script it in your favorite scripting language. You can preview your file as HTML or run it on your web server first. It allows you to create projects from remote, local or mixed files and you can easily access and edit the project. You can use all of its features in the price of USD $29.99 only.

4. Taco HTML Edit for Mac OS X

Taco HTML Edit is a proper PHP editor for Mac OS X. You can easily create stylish and attractive websites through it. This editor is specially designed to create a websites that renders accurately in different browsers without having any difficulty. You can also generate HTML markup with its tag wizards. Find any errors, spelling check mistakes very quickly in your HTML markup through Taco HTML Edit. PHP management tool is also included with it. You can also customize the colors or even set a background for your documents. It supports HTML, PHP, CSS, and JavaScript syntax coloring. Taco HTML Edit is available with its entire features in USD $24.99 only, you can also download it for a 30 days free trail.

5. Komodo Edit

Komodo Edit is an open source and free editor that can very quickly edit multi-language codes. You can use it on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Komodo Editor support various files including; PHP, Python, Ruby, JavaScript, Perl, Tcl, XML, HTML5, and CSS3. It has many features including; customizable colors, code folding, background grammar checking and auto-complete sentence. It is fast and also allows remote file editing. You can free editing space through a clean user interface. Komodo has a classic OS styling skin that is clean and original. Easily navigate your previous files through Breadcrumbs. You can also sort and even group open files. You can freely download your own Komodo Editor from the website for your OSX, Linux or Windows.

  • Phil Schmidt

    Curious why BBEdit was left out? I’ve been using it as a HTML/CSS/PHP editor for 10 years+ and it’s always been stellar. Any thoughts?

  • Christian F

    Why is Coda 2 left out?

  • Jack

    PhpStorm !