10 Web Design Trend To Follow In 2014

The web is around for many years and the growth in this Industry has seen significant changes. The World Wide Web has completely changed the mentality of people towards the internet. While the internet has played its part in website development, the designs on which the websites are based are also important.

With designing techniques improving every day, the user experience is becoming more and more enhanced. Every year we see new web design trends coming in the market and helping the designers to find new ideas. However, some designs are meant to be with us for a long time while others come and go before we even know about them.

Web Design Trends for 2014

The popular design trends of 2013 are still being used by many designers, while remaining designers wait for the latest and energetic design trends of 2014 to use in their websites. Although, every latest design will not fit in your website because of the audience that you are targeting but, it’s always good to have knowledge about which designs are in trend these days.

Having the knowledge will help to create an effective website that has the ability to reach out to your audience. So, in today’s post I would be sharing the latest web design trends of 2014 with you. Let’s get started.

1. Typography Is Changing

Awesome Typography In Web Design

Designers always experiment with various types of fonts in their websites which is why typography is never out of the trend. In typography, the latest trends of 2014 are those font styles that have the ability to make content look unique and attractive.

Designers are constantly in search for the fonts that are not boring to the visitors. Fonts that make your website look fresh are in trend these. Plenty of websites have already thrown away old and boring typefaces and have started to use fonts that have some personality.

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2. Web Designs Are Becoming Responsive

Responsive Web Design

Responsive design websites are becoming a standard now. Due to majority of the users now using their Smartphone devices to log in to any website, it is becoming a necessary for the designers to build a fully responsive site.

You will give a negative effect to your audience if your website is not responsive which in result will also decrease your professionalism. Now every element of your website should properly fit the small screen, only than you can call it a good web design. I would recommend that you learn this skill or hire someone who knows it because; this trend is surely not going to fade away, in fact with increase in smart phones and tablets it will become more popular.

3. Simplicity in Web Designs

Minimal Web Design

Simplicity is getting very popular among designers because it gives a distraction free environment to the visitors and shows them only the important things. However, it doesn’t mean that simple design should be general.

It includes everything; images, graphics, content, and navigation etc. but, only that part is included which is important to the user. The focus has moved towards the content and everything funky in-between is getting excluded to give a simple and better experience to the website. Removing every un-important detail automatically switches the focus of your visitors to the actual content and makes your website gorgeous.

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4. Grid Layout Styles

Grid Based Web Design

Grid design layouts are popular for a long time. Many social media sites such as Twitter or Facebook are using grid designs in their websites. Having a grid layout depends on the purpose of your website.

More and more websites are working on the usability and trying to give the full control to the user which is why grid style layouts will be one of the hottest trends in 2014. Grid layouts save the space on the website and divide everything into proper formation which gives easy readability to the users. You should keep an eye on the latest grid designs because; they are 2014’s hottest trend.

5. Representing Data Information in Graphics

Infographics in Web Design

Information graphics have always been in the trends. Companies use information graphics a lot because; they have the ability to share the information by using a small amount of space on the page. Many viewers find information graphics to be attractive and useful.

Their biggest quality is the mixture of typography, colors and shapes in such a way that viewers find it eye-catching. Designer who are creative use information graphics to describe the number and facts in such a way that viewers are attracted towards it. This trend never gets out of the list and returns even stronger every year.

6. Mobile Web Designs

Mobile Web Design

With responsiveness in web designs improving every day, designers are working hard to analyze how the stuff works in mobile devices. It has become very important for the designers to make their websites function properly on the mobile devices.

Developers know that more and more people are browsing the web through different devices which make their work harder each day. People are now using mobile devices to do the heavy work such as; connecting with social media, e-mail subscriptions, using long scrolling sites and fast loading sites etc. that is the reason why focus on improving mobile web is gaining popularity each day.

7. Flat Websites Designs

Flat Website Design

Discussing latest website trends is incomplete without discussing about flat designs. Flat designing is all about creating the website without adding three dimensional attributes such as; shadows, gradients, and bevels etc. Flat design user interface has given so much to the designers.

With the help of CSS3 designer are now creating more flat buttons to use in the websites through natural box shadows, and text shadows etc. Flat user interface makes your content and navigation look simple and easy. It doesn’t stops here; many new elements are to be expected in the coming years. Flat icon sets have already been released for free and are available on plenty of websites.

8. Basic Color Schemes

Basic Color In Web Design

Colors scheme is one of the most important part of any website which cannot be neglected while discussing latest trends. In 2014, designers have started to use very few color schemes in their websites. They are choosing more simple colors which are mostly not more than two. Many websites that you see recently launched have a mixture of few colors in them.

While and black are among the most popular color schemes, while using a little red or green color makes it more interesting to see. One reason that I think or using few colors in that because, visitor are now interested in sites that look more professional. When you have lot of colors in your website unless you are not making a color paint website, visitors get distracted by it which makes the content of your site worthless for the visitors.

9. Easy Navigation

Easy Navigation in Web Design

Many designers have used their creativity in recent years to build perfect navigations for the visitors. A new trend that is seen in 2014 is the usage of large navigation menus and by large I mean in categories. Navigations that have a large amount of content and links for the readers are in trend these days.

Usually business websites are the one that makes such websites but, many designers are providing it on their personal websites to give their users a huge assortment to choose from. No doubt, it takes a good amount of space on the web page but, it also provides the users a unique navigation experience by giving them a large category of selection.

10. User Registration Forms

User Signup Form Design

Providing a quick user registration is a very popular web design trend in 2014. Many designers do the mistake of keeping registration before a user can even see the site. Visitors hate to fill long registration forms now; they want quick access to the data on the site. Most of the designers have now started to make the registration form as short as possible.

A good technique is including the sign-up button on the homepage so that every visitor sees it. If the visitor wants to know more about any product on your website, and he/she sees the registration form having not more than 3-4 fields, more chances are that users will join your site. Many designers have realized the importance of quick registration and have quickly started to capture new users.


Sometime it is the smallest thing that brings the change. All the trends that we discussed in the article are helpful in making a creative website design. Always keep an eye on the latest trends in designing so that your designs stand out in the crowd. I hope you find the article useful for you or for anyone else, and I also hope that you apply these points in your next design project so that your work becomes prominent. If you have any other web design ideas that you think will be a trend setter in 2014, please share them in the comment section below so that everyone can utilize them.