5 Best Websites to Identify a Font

There are unlimited fonts available on the internet that can make your life very tough if you have to find the name of any specific font that you saw. Sometimes there are situations in which you have the font and you don’t know the name of it. You can sure that it’s the best font to use in your project but, you can’t use the font only because you have no idea about the name of that font. But, thankfully there are many websites that will help you in these difficult times of your life. Therefore, in today’s post we are going to reveal some of the best websites that provide you the facility of identifying any font that you want.

So if you want to identify the font exactly as the one that was used by a certain publication, a movie, or by a company for its logo etc. You should look at these below websites that are very popular for making your life easy when it comes to identifying the fonts. You can easily go and checkout any random font and see if the website identifies the tool for you.

1. Identifont


Identifont is a very popular website that allows you to find and identify your fonts with plenty of ways. You can find the fonts by their appearance, name, similarity, picture, or even with the designer. The major feature of this website is identifying the website with its appearance. In order to accurately identify your font, you will need to answer some simple questions related to the key features of the sample letter. These letters can be such as sans or sans serif, the style of ‘Q’ tail.

As you answer more questions, the website will narrow down the search to some of the possible outcomes related to the font that you want to find. The website will show you the most popular match results until you find the exact match.

2. WhatTheFont


WhatTheFont is also a very popular website that provides you the service of identifying the fonts that you were looking for on the web. The instant identification of the font is done through image usually in the form of photograph or scan. You can upload image from your computer or you can even specify the image through URL. The website will easily analyse the font by checking the image or graphic that you shared. With no time, you will get the closet or exact match of the results that you were looking for.

The ideal scanned images that are uploaded on WhatTheFont contain characters that are about 100 pixels in the height and the baseline is horizontal. Although it is great when it comes to identifying the fonts through images but, sometimes can be difficult to handle all font identification for the images that are of the low quality.

3. WhatFontis


WhatFontis is another great website that allows you to identify any font that you want from all over the web. The website identifies the font through an image of the text that you have to upload on the site. First thing that you need to do is launch the search. There are plenty of options in which you can start:

  • First option is to type the keywords and see the matching results that are given by the website from the database.
  • Second option is to insert the URL of any website that you want the website to look into for the word.
  • The third option is to upload the screenshot of the image directly on the website.

Once you are finished with uploading the screenshot, select the options that you think will be suitable for your search. After you have completed with the options, the result page will be available to you that will show you exact and close matches of your font.

4. Identify Fonts by Sight


Identify fonts is something similar to the Identifont website when it comes to identifying the best fonts for you. In order to find out the font that you were looking, you will need to answer some questions that are based on the features of the font that you are looking to find. In order to search for the font, you need to select the options that you think are clearly describing the font that you are looking. Once the questions have been completed, the website will show you some exact and close matches of your results that are according to the description that you provided.

However if your sample has limited set of letters, you can simply enter the characters to speed up the process of identification of the fonts. This will ensure that you are only asked questions about those letters that are included in your provided sample.

5. Bowfin Printworks


This is a very useful website for identifying the fonts that you are looking for. You will have to answer some simple questions that are based on the characteristic features of the fonts that you are looking for. It is somewhat similar to identifont but, is faster than any other website. The site helps you to identify the serif fonts. Once you describe the features of the serif font like the shape of serif, you will be provided back with different results which will be exact or close to the font.

This website is very helpful especially for the serif fonts that you are looking to find over the internet for using in your own design projects. There are also guides available for Script Fonts, Sans Serif, and Serif Fonts.


The font industry has grown a lot bigger in the past few years. More and more fonts are being introduced to use in the designs therefore, it is easy to forget the name of the font that you saw somewhere. But, all these websites are very helpful for finding those fonts for you. Please share the article with others as well. If you like to share something, please comment below.