15+ Best WordPress Poll Plugins

Polls are used by websites that like to interact with their users and get to know them better. A survey question can be anything such as ‘Are you a designer?’ with ‘yes’ and ‘no’ for answer. Any website would love to get a response from their users.

Having a feedback helps the website to improve the total user experience on the site. Visitors can easily get bore if they spent a lot of time on searching for a particular topic. A simple survey on your website can be very helpful in lifting the mood up.

WordPress users can choose from a variety of voting plugins that can also be integrated as widget. In today’s post, we have collected some of the best wordpress plugins that you can use in your site. These polls provide you a great way to get an instant opinion from the blog visitors.

Polls require low engagement from the participants unlike other surveys. WordPress has a huge list of poll plugins but, the problem is that majority of the users are not sure which one to use. Some of the wp voting plugins allow the user to add polls to their posts, while others can only be used as sidebar widgets. Feel free to check these below survey plugins for your website.

1. Ranker


2. WPolling


3. YOP


4. Dilemma


5. TotalPoll


6. Hot Or Not


7. WP Pro


8. Poll Made Easy


9. Social Polls


10. Advanced Polls


11. Poutsch


12. WordPress Social Polling


13. Easy Polling


14. Opinion Stage


15. MoodThingy PRO


16. Pollify



It is always good to try some plugins before you find the one right one. If you are already using plugins on your site, you will surely find something new from the above list. Please share the post with others as well. If you want to share your experience with us, feel free to comment in the below section. I would love to hear it!