10 Best WordPress Video Gallery Plugins

WordPress galleries/sliders are one of the best plugins to build an interactive online portfolio. Also, the video gallery plugins play a more important role in displaying the most essential work. All the work is displayed in an organized and attractive way that matches your blog or site.

Whether they are images, videos, illustrations, or screenshots, WordPress video gallery plugins make it more interactive and interesting. Therefore in today’s post, we are featuring the best 10 video gallery plugins for wordpress. Hope you like them!

1. Royal Gallery for WordPress


This plugin allows you to create a gallery of videos and images for your website or blog. Buttons structure is very simple in which the navigation helps you to slide between the product images with thumbnail. Some of the features include:

  • 7 different image effects.
  • Show unlimited number range.
  • Customizable pre-loader color.

The plugin is free to download from website.

2. Ultimate Video Gallery


Create a gallery of videos for your website with Youtube and Flv videos. Simply add the URL of your videos and that’s it. Thumbnails are automatically created or you can also use images. It allows you to add multiple galleries in the same WordPress. Features are:

  • Add titles on video
  • Choose your sizes
  • Use the plugin as a widget

The plugin is free to download. The Pro version costs USD $11.90.

3. FlAGallery


This is a fully integrated Image, Sound, Video Gallery WordPress plugin with a powerful admin panel. It has a complete interface for handling photos, MP3 and video. Some of the features are:

  • Edit photos the way you want
  • Sidebar widget to display videos thumbnails
  • Upload unlimited number of images

The plugin is free to download

4. Videos Embedder PRO


The plugin allows you to embed videos from popular sources with one click. No coding skills are required to install. All the embed videos are responsive. Features include:

  • Supports posts and page
  • Supports Even Widgets
  • Keeps editing clean

The plugin costs USD $8.

5. WordPress video gallery


This is a responsive and fully featured plugin for WordPress. It allows you to paly audio and images, and is compatible with all the major browsers. Features include:

  • 5 skins and skin generator.
  • Extensive admin panel.
  • Subtitle support

The plugin is available in USD $17.

6. Stream Video Player


It is the most compatible video-audio player plugin for WordPress. It has a tag generator in the editor, supports for viewing on iOS and Andriod. Features include:

  • XML playlist
  • Fully responsive and retina ready
  • Embed code generator for any video

This plugin is free to download from the website.

7. All-in-One Video Plugin


This plugin has the ability to upload, record, import videos and publish them directly to your post. You can easily add full video capabilities to your blog. Features include:

  • Central media management
  • Support for Advertising and Monetization
  • Update thumbnail of video by selecting frame from video

This plugin is free to download from the website.

8. Cool Video gallery


This WordPress plugin has the option to upload videos, add Youtube videos and manage them in a multiple galleries. It has an automatic preview image generator. Features are:

  • Supports H.264
  • Bulk deletion of videos/galleries
  • Playback feature for videos uploaded in popup

This plugin is free to download from the website.

9. Huzzaz video gallery


This is an easy to use Youtube and Vimeo video gallery plugin for WordPress. It is fully responsive and automatically paginates your video gallery. Features include:

  • Drag and drop functionality
  • Custom colors available
  • Automatically plays the next video in playlist

This plugin is free to download from the website.

10. Simple video gallery


This plugin allows adding videos and playlists in your blog page or post. It has a built in stylesheet so you can adapt the look that you want. Features for the plugin include:

  • Supports Youtube videos
  • No coding is required
  • Unlimited videos can be uploaded

This plugin is freely available to download from the website.


Video gallery plugins give you the option to upload videos and images. You can manage these videos in multiple galleries. It is very easy to add Youtube videos to a WordPress post or page. Depending on the one you choose, these video gallery plugins will allow you to do everything that you wish from your video gallery.

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